Cameron Diaz Before And After, she was also rumored to have a deal with botox or fillers. By judging her recent photos, it is pretty obvious that her face looks fresher, shiner, and more smooth than before. Basically, this is a clear indication that botox or fillers play a huge role in creating such striking look.In addition, her face looks puffier and fuller than ever it could be; all this is as a result of filler injection. Fillers can effectively reduce wrinkles, however, when overused, they are likely to give you such a bloated, puffy face and chipmunk cheeks. Well, for cameron’s case, it is not that easy to tell whether her fuller face resulted from filler injection or weight gain.

In the past few years, you may already know that she has admitted she has had four time nose job (rhinoplasty). She told the media that she was having a deviated septum and breathing problems, so then she needed a rhinoplasty to fix them.While diaz told the surgery was for medical reasons, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites believe that it was not only for medical, but also cosmetic enhancement.