Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery lips appear fuller than they were before. Her cheeks are also fuller and her eyes appear youthful. In addition, no wrinkles are visible on her face. However, other changes are evident on her face and this implies that she has used other cosmetic procedures apart from botox. For instance, since her cheeks look puffy, people say that this may be the result of using cheek fillers.

It is also rumored that cox has undergone breast augmentation. The rumors began after she displayed her body in a bikini in cougar town. It is very likely that cox has undergone breast augmentation because her breasts still look perfect despite the fact that she has breastfed and attained the age of 50. When cox played the role of monica geller on friends, her breasts were small. Now, if you look closely at her bikini pictures, you can notice that her breasts are much larger.