If there is a chance for you to keep looking like thirties at your seventies, will you do it? It is not an impossible thing to do now, with the help of plastic surgeon. Donna Mills has proved it. She is 73 now, but her appearance is still so young, fresh, even she just look like a sister next to her 20 years old daughter.She is believed that she has done numerous plastic surgery procedures such as botox, facelift, filler, laser treatment, lip injection, and eyelid surgery.

At her age, Donna does not look age at all. Her skin face is wrinkle free without any forehead or frown lines. This could be the effect of Botox injection. A facelift help her to keep her skin face tight and smooth, while filler keep her face in a good volume and look puffy. These treatments could be added with laser treatment to get more result.