Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery become the hot news in media and forums. Many people said that she has conducted plastic surgery for nose job and boob job (breast reduction). Drew barrymore herself also admit that she has done plastic surgery but it’s not for beauty improvement, it’s only for healthy reason. This argument also make this rumor become hot discussion in some forums. Some people believe that Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery is for healthy reason but the other think that it’s for beauty improvement

nose job or rhinoplasty is the effort of drew barrymore to throw away the nose problem of her. Seems sinusitis is very offend her. So she chose plastic surgery for nose job to hide the pain. After got rhinoplasty drew barrymore’s nose look slimmer and pointed. She looks better after nose job surgery. Media said that plastic surgery is not only hide her pain but also it’s help her to look more attractive.