There was a rumor about Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery (chin line surgery). It is surprising that while people try to reduce wrinkles on the face, gordon ramsay was performed cosmetic surgery to create wrinkles in the chin. But because this surgery can temporarily called failure of the plastic surgeons so they could see only a wrinkled chin, not the chin lines that gordon ramsay desired.

Been spotted in public places with a wrinkled face like an old man but a few days later, gordon ramsay appeared in a private party with a more youthful face. This can only the result of gordon ramsay plastic surgery associated with botox injections. But perhaps gordon was awarded that he was getting older and older by using botox often, he only uses a little amount of botox for chin and forehead, and enough to cover the signs of old age rather than completely bulldozed wrinkles on the forehead.