It is no doubt that Gwen Stefani  has beautiful face and gorgeous body. But, you will never think that she still unsatisfied with her gorgeous face and body. No wonder, she did several plastic surgery procedures to make her body and face looks more perfect than before. Based on trusted sources, Gwen Stefani  has several surgery procedures such as nose job, lip implants, botox and breast implants. One of the most noticeable procedure is the nose job, as you can see at her appearance now, her nose looks slimmer than before. She used to have a bulbous nose, but now we can not see her bulbous nose anymore. Her nose had change into slimmer and more pointed nose, it seems that the rhinoplasty procedure was successful to make her nose match with her face.

The second procedure is lip implants, this procedure is still debatable in many forums. Many people believe that her lip is unnatural but some people did not believe it. Based on analysis, her lips is thick since she was young, so it is not caused by implants that injected into her lip but it is very natural thick lip. So, the lip surgery rumors that accused to gwen stefani is not true.