How to write a short essay? This is a question posed by all the students and, in particular, those engaged in the first maturity test. If it is the first time you compare with this type of workbook or if you are going to choose it between all possible writing tasks for students, you have come to the right place. In this guide we explain how you write a brief essay: you will find all the instructions to make the elaborate and suggestions to build the schema. Follow all the steps to write a short essay that will allow you to make a good figure of your opinions or ideas.

The short essay – so defined because it is less extensive than a normal essay – is a written text that students must develop using a set of documents that are provided at the beginning. Starting from these documents, from the information and indications that they have received, they are asked to “support a thesis”, i.e. to express an opinion on a matter, to defend an idea by arguing it logically and consistently, giving information and at the same time motivating the position “they live in.” As a student, you will find four different types of essays, one of which is the short essay which, in turn, is subdivided into four areas depending on the topics being proposed, the songs to be read and the materials to be analyzed for the treatment.

Short essay of artistic-literary scope

This type is asked to deal with a subject through the analysis of literary, artistic and, sometimes, “musical works.” It is ideal if you have not come up with too strict and scientific arguments because it leaves a wide margin of maneuver for you to describe your point of view.

Short essay of historical-political scope

The brief essay of the historical-political context has as a trace of texts that lead the candidate to reflect and develop a thought on historical events and political issues. In the historical essay, it is important to make a distinction between what are the contemporary sources of the event being discussed and the various interpretations of that event in history (historiography interpretations). This kind of essay is a classic task to do, and sometimes, students find it difficult to do this task along with other tasks. In that case they need to visit

Short essay of technical-scientific scope

In technical-scientific traits, the student is asked to argue a thesis starting from texts dealing with technological issues, scientific discoveries, and technical disciplines. This type of elaborate is used to demonstrate, solve, clarify or explain something. For this reason, it is useful to leverage on the issues you already have technical notions to avoid making certain statements you are not sure about.

Short-term socio-economic study

The documents that are made available to students in this short essay type cover issues that address social and economic issues. The apparent simplicity of the theme, often very close to the present, must not be deceived: the point of view to be taken must be chosen with care and the approach must always be fresh and personal.