Imogen Poots height in meters

Her height is 1.63 m

Height in cm

163 cm

Height in Feet

She is of 5 feet 4 inches.

Body type

She has a slim looking body type.

Imogen Poots weight

Her weight is 52 kg

Nick name

Her nick name is Imo and Imi

Imogen Poots Weight in Pounds

Her weight in pounds is 115 pounds


She has the White race

Imogen Poots Hair Color

Her hair color is blonde

Hairstyle name

She has this messy hairstyle that comes with bangs

Imogen Poots Hair Type

She has this messy hair texture of her hairs.

Eye Color

Her eye color is blue

Imogen Poots Face Shape

She has this diamond face shape

Imogen Poots Eyes Shape

She has these down turned looking eyes.

Lips shape

She has these thin and smear type in shape lips

Imogen Poots Skin Type

Her skin Type is natural.

Imogen Poots Sexual Orientation

Her sexual orientation is quite straight

Measurements In Inches

34-24-34 inches

Dress Size

Her dress size is 4 US.

Imogen Poots Bra Size

Her bra Size is 32B.

Shoe Size

Her shoe size is 8 US

Imogen Poots net worth

2,000,000 dollars