The stunning actress and singer Bella Thorne has joined the queue of celebrities that are launching their own lines of makeup, fashion, lingerie or what have you. Even if the list is long, that is no reason for anyone not to try their own brand name on a new makeup line.

Having announced her own brand rather quietly by simply wearing her own lipstick on social media, she then went on to confirm that her own makeup line is in the works.

It might be a rather strange way to announce a makeup brand, but it seems that this method has rather aroused the curiosity of fans who started by inquiring about the lipstick she was wearing. Sometimes, a subtle attitude draws more curiosity than the most obvious methods, and fans are dying to know what products will be included in the line.

Of course, nothing has been revealed as yet, but at least we are sure that lipsticks are included, and as Bella Thorne is a known makeup lover, so perhaps the sky is the limit as she is obviously just beginning. You can look here for Bella Thorne tickets without service fees to enjoy the live moments with your favorite star.

Social media is being scoured for any hint that may have been left lying here or there, but up till now, it is just the pink matte lipstick in a lovely berry shade.

Summer is approaching fast, and hopefully, we shall be able to sample the latest makeup formula to hit the market.

And why not, for variety is great for the consumer since the competition keeps the prices down and every new line has something new to offer. Women love it when they have a huge variety to choose from, each brand pulling at them to give it a try. Let us not forget teenagers who just love it when a star they love watching comes out with a new line.

And it is with great pride that we see this star child who is, but twenty years of age make such huge strides in her career. Now a full-grown woman she has been working for many years already as an actress, it is perhaps the right time while she is in the full bloom of youth to launch the first tiny seedling of a makeup brand that is uniquely hers.

Lack of information leaves us playing a guessing game as to the date of launching, the products that will be the opening of Bella Thorne’s makeup line, the shades that would be available, and last but not least the constituents that will go into the makeup – all natural or what….

It is nice of Bella Thorne to keep us guessing, and we will keep guessing until our curiosity is satisfied and we can sample the products ourselves.

Until then all we can do is wait and hope that we shall be wearing that gorgeous pink lipstick and more this summer with a flowery dress or blouse.

It is quite an innovation though, the way she introduced her makeup line!