Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery is not all that lies under the hood of her sensational look; at least according to her. At 76, fonda can drive and walk out of her car without help. This clearly proves her prowess in fitness. She did rigorous exercises in her early years and has now evolved her exercising into gentler and low impact exercises like yoga, cycling and walking. Jane fonda is a manifestation how good cosmetic surgery and exercising can be for a successful aging.

After consulting a top class plastic surgeon, fonda ultimately went under the knife to have her chin, eyes and neck operated. She has had several procedures over her lifetime-she confesses to have undergone a facelift early in her 40s; she additionally had another facelift recently in 2010. In her early age, fonda had breast implants and confesses to have undergone a chin lift recently. After having specialized surgeons remove the bags below her eyes, fonda does not have a tired old look.