After everything else which Keeping up with the Kardashians superstar has been doing for him, former L.A. Lakers player Lamar Odom was documented to be evading Khloe Kardashian. Clearly, the 36 year old NBA superstar ponders that her estranged wife is his craving cause. Hollywood Life reports that the two aren’t on speaking terms again. Currently, Odom was said to be bring the strength from his children to remain drug, sedate free and rejects to take any help from Kardashian. The reasoning for not speaking with his ex wife of Odom might still be for her about his feelings. Prior to Odom’s vile substance overkill event last year, it was no secret that the ex-husband basket ball star was still upside down with his wife.

Odom still loved his ex wife despite being split. During the lowest stage of Odom last year, Kardashian increased the divorce papers she filed to watch him over. As Kardashian nursed Odom back to well-being, she dated James Harden, NBA star plus they split up. At Present, the ash blond beauty is with Tristan Thompson this suggests that she’ll never be going back on to her ex husband’s arms again. On June 2016, the divorce has refiled again, according to the Daily Mail. But on Dec. 13, 2015, Kardashian once more filed for divorce as well as lawfully re-establishing her family name.

A California judge might sign off on their separation as early as December, per the rumor website. Kardashian has not let her stops from building her very own brand. She spent the previous week easing her new type of curve hugging jeans, dubbed Great American. She marketed the denim line all week on her social network pages including posting some pictures that were alluring. The relationship of Odom and Kardashian have been a roller coaster ride since they got married in 2009 feeling. The pair ended their connection with Kardashian attributing drug abuse and overdose event as her motive to clear cut of the union, in 2013.