Writing essay is one of important ways to pass on by every student even some universities determine essay as an important requirement for graduation. We can’t understand of how to write essay properly without knowing what exactly the essay is. If you want to know the essence of essay, you are in the right place!

Essay definition

Defining the meaning of the word essay is easy for us, for this reason it is pertinent in the first instance to generate access roads about the meaning of the word. In this framework of ideas it is worth noting that the analysis comprises two main parts: A first moment that leads us through the diachronic sense of the word and another moment where we make a reference to the synchronic sense of the term. This work methodology gives us a panoramic vision for the reflection on the way in which we can conceive the word essay from the perspective of its historical development.

Situated by History

Words like humans are situated by their history. Having this starting point, it should be noted that words can’t be understood in their fullness without the revision of their evolutionary passage, the diachronic of words allows us to have an adequate biography of their different uses. Following this line and applying the elements that provide us with etymological research, we can say that the word essay: comes from the verb rehearse that means to prove. Although the term has a full use in modern times, its meanings were already considered both among the Greeks and Romans who used them as a style of expression.

In the search for a definition of the essay, it is not only convenient, but precise, to go back to the work of Miguel de Montaigne, creator of the essayistic genre according to the traditional position of literary criticism. Montaigne, in fact, was the first to use the term “essay” in his modern sense to characterize his writings, and made him aware of his art and the innovation it entailed.

Is needed

Of course essays are very important in the academic world. Since the essay is the best tool for expressing one’s opinion, it can be used (effectively) as a tool for measuring the author’s intelligence level. Many campuses and educational institutions apply essays as an important parameter in graduation, this is related to the main function of the essay as “connector of ideas” as well as “evidences” that a person really mastered the subject matter that has been given.

Essays often cause problems

In this modern era most students are required to be able to have multi-tasking ability. “The point is that they are often assigned several different tasks in one period wherein there is at least an essay. In situations like this they need smart thinking by searching for online help for it; one of them is by visiting https://writemyessayonline.com/college-essay-writing-service.html.


Understanding essays means understanding its history and its core. By understanding the essence of the essay we can determine the right direction in writing the essay.