Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery may not be something new anymore. But there are still many people are talking about his beauty enhancement surgery especially the possibilities for him to get additional cosmetic surgery procedures beyond his previous plastic surgery.if we look at his recent appearance then compare it to other face of 70 years old men, he does look younger. His face skin looks tight and smooth though the aging signs still little noticeable. Douglas’ smooth and tight face skin may be gained through facelift surgery as it was done by mickey rourke.

He also never hides his facelift like many other celebrities do. It can be proven from his visible bandages near his ears. The bandages are aimed to protect the surgery scars. However, as the time passed, his face seems to be a bit weird. It may be caused by his facelift that is a little bit out of control. Therefore, he intentionally let his beard unshaven, he might hide his sagging skin with his beard.