My name is Mohib Khan i am Pakistani American stage artsit.i am youngest and energetic stage actor. my aim is to giving smile on people faces. so i am doing well on stage play want to share some thing important with our fans. who follow me on fb and other social media is this a press release for which i will share with you for changing my name on facebook.for some personal reason i want to change my name on my facebook page my current Facebook page name is sardar majid rasheed which i want to change into my real name and my real name is MOHIB please don’t be confused i love my fans that’s why i officially announce to inform all of  my fans which follow me on facebook for more update please click on see first button on facebook page .

here is my contact information for any further detail and update keep in touch with me.

Email : [email protected]

Contact number: +13376924635

facebook : MOHIB KHAN