Ladies, you undoubtedly have heard at least once in your life from the person with straight strands lament that “Your hair is so beautiful; I wish I could also have the same.” It meant as a compliment, but only you know the truth that how hard it is to handle good curly hair. No doubt, curly hair gives more trendy vibes and multidimensional colors add a modish look to the bushy and frizzy hair.

Many times styling the curly hair is difficult, especially during the poor weather conditions. There are chances that you would have frizzy and dry hair due to poor climatic conditions. But, if you style up them gracefully using a best anti-static brush and right hair products, it will be an easier task to hold them.

Keep on reading to know the favorable tips, which will help in dealing with natural curls.

Just Shampoo Your Scalp

Make sure that you apply shampoo on your scalp only to avoid the drying out of ends. To reduce the frizz and add shine, use the shampoo and conditioner with keratin as curly hair lacks keratin.

Keratin is the top ingredient that keeps your hair straight and frizzes free.

Don’t Throw Out Your Brush

It is a myth that brushing curly hair can lead to breakage, but many women with curly hair say combing with an anti-static brush act as a miracle maker. Brush your hair for at least two minutes before going to bed as it will help in distributing the natural oils from scalp to hair.

Yes, the hair will get pouf into massive curls after brushing, but this is OK. Whether you are pestilence with dry, frizzy, and thin hair – brushing at night with soft bristle brush will help in alleviating.

Style Up With Updos, Braids, and Headbands

When you are short on time – headbands, braids, and updos make an excellent choice and a great solution as well. It is always a good idea to tame your hair with a hair accessory or style up them numerous braiding or bun patterns, which can keep your hair in control.

Deep Condition Your Hair

If your hair is vulnerable to frizz, dandruff, or dryness, then avoid using the products with alcohol content. Treat the curly hair with a deep conditioning hair mask or any other remedy at least once in a week.

Consider the use of natural essential oils like coconut, amla, olive, argan, jojoba, and neem. Take few drops in your palm and massage the scalp and hair with your fingers.

Let the Hair Dry Completely

Don’t touch your wet hair until they don’t get dry completely as your touch will cause roughness between the strands and made them frizz. Prefer to use a blow dryer with a diffuser to dry out the hair faster. Set the diffuser at low speed, and high heat as the high heat will dry the hair quickly. And, keeping the speed low will avoid the hair from getting blown around.


So, embrace your natural curls happily with the help of above-discussed tips. Choose the favorite pick now and flaunt the lovely curls.