Fox News anchor Shepard Smith gets honest about his sex in a fresh meeting with the Huffington Post, particularly defending former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes from claims from popping out widely during his time at the conventional media network that he had stopped Smith.

Smith established his sex when he advised HuffPo that Ailes usually addressed him with such regard, and had never used homophobic slurs in front of him, something Ailes has been accused.

In Smith’s appointment with all the Huffington Post, the anchor rejected that he was ever prevented by his Boss Roger Ailes from coming out publically.

“That’s not true. He was always as nice as he could be to me. I loved him like a dad,” Smith said.

Smith indicated that Ailes didn’t show contempt for homosexuality when he was around him at and said Fox News was a “warm” work place under Ailes’ rule.

“No, never. I was treated by him with respect, just respect,” Smith said. I was given every possibility on earth by him and he never questioned anything of me but that we get it right, attempt to obtain it right everyday. It had been an extremely warm and loving and comfortable place.”

Nonetheless, Smith said confidence was lost with Ailes after reports of sexual harassment found light.