Sofia vergara is thought to have undergone quite a number of plastic surgery procedures. She is rumored to have undergone the procedures to make her get a perfect look. Some of the plastic surgery procedures thought to have been done on her body include liposuction, breast job, tummy tuck, cheek implants and face fit. The lady is also rumored to have undergone the plastic surgery because of her constant appearance in films and on tv.

When you look at Sofia Vergara photos after 2010, you will observe many differences in her appearances. She appears to have bigger breasts which have a more attractive shape. This is because after birth the breasts of a woman may lose the original pretty shape, taking into consideration she has a son who is above 20 years. At her age that is above 40 years the lady is still very pretty and one could say she’s is 30 years. Her face does not have many wrinkles on her face as expected. This makes many critics think that she has had several botox injections.