Do you want to write a quality essay for your graduation? Essay is known as one of important tasks in academic world. Writing essay is not an easy job, you need to be smooth in transforming your ideas and able to apply the structure of essay. If you’re a student who needs to get a quality essay without spending too much time, visiting is your best option. But if you want to write your essay by yourself, you need to put your attention on these following points:

The introduction
The introduction serves to present the topic of the short essay to those who are about to read it. Here the reader must understand what the purpose of the text is, the topic to be dealt with and how it will be presented.

The mode of writing essay

The treatment options you can choose from are:

Short argument of argument type:

This is a composition in which the author expresses his own thesis and demonstrates its validity thanks to the material at his disposal which therefore has its own usefulness within the text.

Short-type critical type

In this case the purpose is to disagree with some theories, obviously supporting their opinion with objective data. You can venture into this second type if the sources at your disposal belong to two factions or if you are able to cite, in addition to those chosen by other authors that are part of your cultural heritage.

Short essay type

This is a script that helps readers understand a certain topic through explanations and information from various sources. This particular typology can be a solution if the material provided is an in-depth analysis of a single topic and there is no real argument to support it.

Expose the main theme

During your short essay you will have to expose the main theme of the discussion. In support of your thesis you will have to bring facts, data, opinions, experiences … and all that will serve to support it. You will have to prevent criticism (antithesis) by using convincing arguments. In the face of possible counter-arguments and possible objections it is important to prove tolerant but firm and never rude. Make sure the script is not too schematic, add transitional phrases, that is, the links between one paragraph and another that give continuity and link the various paragraphs, giving a totally discursive tone. In this stage, you need to be able to transform each of your ideas/opinions into a flow of words including sub headings and paragraphs.

The conclusion

Finally, bring out the main points of your thesis again. The conclusion must be a reasoned explanation that can definitely make sense to the whole composition.

The title

Now that the essay is over, you need to find a title, a small sentence that is both clear and catchy. It may be a title that summarizes the essay argument, which sums up the conclusion to which it came, or a title that anticipates the thesis and counter-thesis. In the title you can also use quotes but verify that they are really relevant to what is written in the essay.

Finally, if you think it is necessary, you can add a subtitle.