After a long time looking for information on yoga mats, and after a while with my magnificent “soul mat”, today I want to tell you everything I took into account to make my choice.
I hope this guide will help you choose the yoga mat that suits you, the type of yoga you practice, your lifestyle, your priorities and your budget. Choosing a suitable yoga mat is very important, as it will make your practice much more comfortable and happier. You need to consider the following points:


Close your eyes a moment, and imagine yourself lying on your yoga mat, in Savasana’s position for example. I know it is an exaggeration as I just wanted to reflect the importance of your comfort in practice. The thickness of the mattress greatly influences this. A standard thickness can be about 3 or 4 millimeters, but I have seen options ranging from 2mm to 6mm. My advice is to buy from Ana Heart as it provides various thicknesses.


This point is very important. When you’re going to invest money in a yoga mat, one of the things you think about is how long it will last? And of course, I would not spend 90 € on a mat that I have to change every year. That is why my recommendation is that you choose one of which you have guarantees of its durability. The first thing I did when I wanted to buy one for me was to ask my brother (yoga teacher for more than 10 years) on what was his best recommendation for me. I know of people who have been more than 10 years on their mat. Can you imagine that? 10 years without having to worry about buying another yoga mat again. It is also important to take into account the warranty you have to return in case the product is damaged or defective. That is why another of my recommendations is that if you buy online or if you buy it in a physical store, keep in mind the existing conditions on this subject, in case something happens.


Have you seen someone slip and fall into a yoga class? Surely yes! And of course, it is logical to happen, because many times the cause is that we are doing a balance that is difficult to maintain. But both to improve the balance and to be able to concentrate on your breathing, to avoid slipping on the mat, it is better to take this point into account when buying one.

For your info, I have at home on another mat that I bought some time ago in a Chinese shop. When I resumed my yoga practice and wanted to start doing yoga at home, I realized that it was very far from being able to do some posture there, because it slipped too much and it was very easy to fall. In this case there is a measure that can tell you to check before making the purchase. Just keep in mind make sure your mat has strong traction or is non-slip.