Athlete’s Foot: Not Just For Athletes

Athlete’s Foot

Contrary to how it may sound, an athlete’s foot isn’t only common amongst athletes. In truth, it can happen to anyone, especially those who are prone to fungal infections.

But, what is it, really?

As mentioned before, an athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that primarily happens due to coming in contact with tinea fungus. It’s more common amongst people who walk barefoot in a park or any other open place like that.

Sometimes, wearing poorly-fitted shoes can also lead to this problem as a whole. However, it is not really a massive cause of worry, though. 

If you take an antifungal medication or something as such, you can easily treat it. In any case, it’s still best for anyone, who lives in a humid condition, to learn more about it.

Symptoms Of Athlete’s Foot

The symptoms of an athlete’s foot can change depending on the extent of the case. However, most of the time, you’re going to experience the following issues as a whole.

Symptoms Of Athlete’s Foot

1. Web-like Toe Infection

In this case, a web-like toe infection will be found between the fifth and the fourth toe of your infected leg. It might result in itchy skin, which can become scaly later on. In case you leave it untreated, it can break down the overall integrity of your skin as well.

2. Vesicular-Type Infection.

This type of infection generally begins from the sole of your feet. In most cases, it can lead to the development of fluid-filled blisters, which can be quite painful. If you don’t use creams or medicines in this case, it might also result in bacterial infection.

3. Moccasin-Type Infection.

Situated at the heel or the bottom of your feet, this type of infection can cause soreness where it’s been infected. And, in some cases, it can also cause foot cracking or thickening.

Additionally, this type of infection is the most contagious of them all. It can spread from one place or person to another within days and wreak havoc in their lives.

What’s The Diagnostic Procedure?

Diagnostic Procedure

Like any other fungal infection out there, an athlete’s foot comes with a characteristic outlook as well. For example, it might look something like peeling skin sitting between your toes or something as such. It can also cause an unpleasant smell on your part too.

If it’s resisting the normal or traditional treatments, your doctor may ask you to get diagnosed by a professional. Here are the tests you might have to go through –

  • Fungal culture and microscopy.
  • Opting for an ultraviolet examination.
  • Using swabs for bacterial microscopy, etc.

Sometimes, the doctor may ask you to follow through with an additional examination or two in the case of an erythrasma. So, please do as they ask of you.

How Do You Get Treated?

fungal infection treatment

Although it might seem like a serious case, an athlete’s feet can get treated even when you’re at your home. For example, if you want, you can always use an over-the-counter medicine or cream to take care of the issue. Or, you can also take a medicine or two to stop the growth or spread of the infection as efficiently as possible.

Apart from this, you should also start focusing on your hygiene level as a whole too. Like, in case you live in a warm and humid place, make sure to wash your socks and shoes regularly.

Also, don’t forget to use powder on your feet when you are going outside. Besides, wearing well-fitted shoes is going to be highly important in your case as well.

The Final Say

A fungal infection, in essence, isn’t really life-threatening at all. But, it can certainly cause a lot of pain and discomfort as a whole. Besides, it can spread f one person to another quite quickly too. Therefore, it’s best not to wait on them too much.

If you have contracted such an infection, talk to a doctor as soon as possible. If they’re asking you to go through some diagnostic tests, try them out as well. Please don’t delay too much on them. Or else, someone else might get contracted because of you.

In any case, that’ll be all for this article. If you have any queries or anything, please comment it down right now. We’ll answer you whenever you can.


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