Bioperine; yet another wonder of Mother Nature

Mother Nature has never disappointed humans in any problematic situation. With its wondrous herbs and mineral products, we can easily find cure of any medical problem. Black pepper and long pepper are not only popular of their pungency, their health effects are also the reason of their popularity. The peppers do not contain high calories levels. However, they help your body providing you high quality nutrients. For centuries, piperine present in peppers has been in Ayurvedic medicine for the cure of various problems. Bioperine can help you get rid of many of your medicines and diseases.

Peppers are not only a source of jazzing up bland food; they also contain vitamins to purify your life. Black pepper contains all the herbal goods for your life. Pharmaceuticals around the world are so obsessed with the allopathic ingredients that they have neglected the power of herbal products. However, you can play smart by choosing exact herbs for your healthy lifestyle.

Extraction of Bioperine:

Bioperine (piperine) is an extract of black pepper. Dichloromethane is used to extract Bioperine form black pepper. For high yield and selective results, aqueous hydrotropes can also be used for the process of Bioperine extraction. 5% to 10% of Bioperine typically comes out of black pepper. Bioperine can also be extracted from alcoholic extract of black pepper, using the solvent free residue and treating it. Potassium hydroxide is used to remove resin from the extract.

Benefits of Bioperine:

  • Food adsorption makes our body able to combat all challenges. If this system fails, the human body may crumble. With its natural power, the Bioperine found in the black pepper extracts enhances your food adsorption ability. Bioperine accompanies Glucuronidation for the modulation of metabolic enzymes of our body. This copulation stops the drug elimination from our body. Bioperine also acts as a thermo nutrient, enhancing the adsorption process by the thermogenesis mechanism.
  • Nutrient adsorption failure can lead us to malnutrition. However, Bioperine enhances human capability of adsorbing nutrients. In this way, malnutrition is prevented in those individuals who might suffer from it in near future. It also helps nourishing those who have been suffering the horrors of malnutrition.
  • Metabolic activity is on the base of our life sustenance. Enhanced and improved metabolic activity ensures healthy life. Thermogenesis of the body cells improves with the Bioperine use. The increased thermogenic activity of body cells by the use of Bioperine surely means a loss in extra body fat. This also leads to the weight loss in obese individuals.
  • Bioperine taking with another effective drug at the same time can comprehensively reduce the muscle damage induced after heavy workout. This, in turn, increases the body performance in a workout.
  • A stronger immune system is the strong foundation of a happy and healthy life. The over-sensitivity of the immune system signals to the malfunctioning of the immune system. Autoimmune diseases are effectively controlled with the active compound present in Bioperine. The anti-inflammatory role of Bioperine makes it able to cure the malfunctioning immune system.
  • Individuals with improved cognitive skill can be termed as “geniuses”. Dopamine and serotonin are known to increase the cognitive ability of an individual. Bioperine increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin production. However, curcumin is to be used alongside Bioperine to achieve the increased production. Combined use of curcumin and Bioperine helps individuals struggling from anxiety. It makes them feel good.
  • The balance of blood sugar level is a test only healthy individuals can pass. No one can guarantee healthy life without considering the blood sugar levels. Co-administrated use of bioperine regulates the glucose level of blood. This helps the reduction of associated diabetic conditions.