What Is Boba? Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Tea

Most people who grew up in the boba capital of America know how it feels to make boba tea. Several people make daily tips to make boba tea. There are so many boba enthusiasts across America. However, it would really help when you learn how to make boba tea. 

Both the American citizens and the non-citizens love boba tea. The best thing would be to start by understanding what boba tea is before moving forward. 

What Is Boba Tea?

What Is Boba Tea

The term boba tea can be holistically used for the entire drink and the toppings. The most popular topping in this package is tapioca pearls. The drink can also be referred to as tapioca tea, pearl tea, or bubble tea. 

The term boba in itself typically refers to the tapioca pearls. These are made from cassava starch vegetable that originates from South Africa and is referred to as yucca. 

The origin of the boba drink in Taiwan though no one is sure of the exact city and shop. Boba pearls were originally utilized in shaved ice desserts and were paired with delectably chewy rice balls, beans, and syrups. When you merge the two, you come up with the beloved and genius drink.  

The boba cultured found its way to America via the Taiwanese neighborhoods. It blossomed very fast near the high schools and college campuses. Students would gather in these for their group discussions as they take boba tea. 

Most of the boba tea shops offer affordable drinks and snacks and they open up to late hours. That is why they are a perfect spot for studying and late-night hangouts. Those who know how to make boba tea at home can enjoy the drink from the comfort of their residence. 



Boba tea often has black or green tea bases that are customized with a broad range of syrups such as lychee, strawberry, and peach. You can also add milk to the teas which transform the drink into milk teas. It also turns it into an indulgent and creamier drink. Learning how to make boba milk tea is not hard. 

However, some of the drinks don’t use the conventional black and green tea base. The other popular choice is Taro milk tea that is crafted from the tropical taro root. Caffeine-free, refreshing fruit trees that are mixed with fresh fruit slices are often available. 

The tea appears in most boba menus and coffee enthusiasts who want to get the best from both worlds will choose coffee milk tea. The other choices that you can pick are white, matcha, and oolong teas.

Most boba shops also serve milk drinks and Slushies in addition to tea. Slushies are basically made from syrups and tea that you throw in the blender and crash with ice. This results in a frosty and sweet treat. 

Milk is the base of milk drinks and is often sweetened with brown sugar syrup or honey. However, this may not go down well with those who are lactose intolerant. However, most of the boba shops in town offer milk alternatives kike oat milk, lactose-free milk, almond, and soy. 

Boba brings the fun of both a snack and a beverage rolled in one and customized into your tastes perfectly. Most boba shops give their guests the option of adjusting the sweetness of the drink to their taste. You can dictate the amount of ice that you need and the cold and hot options. 


1. Boba


The quintessential topping of any tea parlor is Boba. The cassava root balls are rolled into bite-size bunches, boiled, and flavored with honey or brown sugar. It adds a subtly sweet and chewy taste to your drink. 

2. Pudding 


You should not confuse this with the pack-style pudding. The pudding of boba tea shops has a custard-like flavor made from sugar, cream, and egg yolks. However, the addition of gelatin makes them firmer like soft flan. They have a slight chew and blend nicely with more indulgent and creamier milk teas. Some puddings are flavored like mango and taro pudding. This will help you to customize the drink to your preferences. 

3. Grass Jerry

This treat is made from the Chinese Mesona plant of the mint family. It is steeped in brown sugar to give an herbaceous and sweet taste. You can pair grass with any milk tea that is a perfect match for boba tea and coffee-based drinks. 

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has antioxidants that have several benefits to the human skin. The clear and cubed jellies are soaked in syrup to deliver a sweet and refreshing taste. The jelly blends nicely with the tropical and bolder flavors. 

5. Sago Or Tapioca

Sago Or Tapioca

Sago has no pudding but it tastes like tapioca pudding. It has a spongy and chewy texture but gives more than tapioca pearl. It appears in several traditional Asian desserts and it pairs seamlessly with match, red bean, and coconut flavors. If you don’t like chewing your drink so much, you can swap them with boba. 

6. Taro Balls

Taro Balls

Taro balls bring a more gentle melting feeling to your mouth. They are made from taro and mashed with tapioca flavor or potato and water to make it more delicious. You can put it in matcha milk tea to get an earthly drink. 

7. Whipped Foam Or Cream

Whipped Foam Or Cream

These are recent developments in the boba tea world. They deliver a fluffy mouse texture that is an excellent mustache if you take it in the right way. 


With all this information, you now know how to make boba tea. You can vary the ingredients to match your preferred taste. The good thing about boba tea is that it serves both as a drink and a snack. You can get it very cheaply from any boba shop near me. However, if you know how to make boba tea at home, you can prepare and enjoy the sweetness of this drink from the comfort of your house. 

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