How To Build A Strong Criminal Defense Case: By Legal Experts

Criminal Defense Case

Whether you have committed criminal wrongdoing or not, being charged with a crime is a critical issue. It can affect your freedom, reputation, and future if you are not careful enough. Hence, while building a solid defense case, you must be extremely cautious and attentive to details.

Nonetheless, as a first-timer, it might be difficult for you to go through the whole process correctly. Thus, in this article, we have curated a guide on building a compelling criminal defense case to help you a little.

Let’s get started!

Building A Defense Case – A Step-By-Step Guide

Designing an excellent defense case from scratch takes quite a lot of effort and time. Therefore, to ease you into this aspect, we have broken down the core points in this section. Make sure to go through the same till the end to understand the concept properly!

Step – 1: Hire An Attorney

Let’s be honest; tackling a criminal charge can be pretty daunting, especially if you are unaware of what to do. So, the first thing we’d ask you to do is to find and hire a criminal defense attorney.

Because of are well-versed in this concept, they can help review your case thoroughly and offer valuable advice. Moreover, it will also be easier for you to take care of all the paperwork with their assistance.

However, when you are hiring an attorney, we’d ask you to choose at least three suitable options before selecting one amongst them. This way, it will be easier for you to find the most reliable option without spending too much time.

Step – 2: Disclose All Required Details To Your Lawyer

Now that you have hired a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City MO, the next thing you should do is let them know everything. It may include –

  • What happened during the whole incident?
  • What is your side of the story?
  • Other minimal details regarding the whole case

Typically, your legal representative should have an idea about everything so that they can counter almost any evidence efficiently. Always remember, the more your lawyer knows about the story, the easier it will be for them to build their case effectively.

Step – 3: Learn About The Charges

The next step is to understand the charges that have been put against you. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to counter it properly.

For example, if you have been charged with a felony, you will need to handle it a little differently than a misdemeanor-related accusation.

As the former tends to come with harsher punishments, you will need to prepare for all the possible outcomes.

Step – 4: Craft A Narrative For Your Case

Most people consider proof to be everything when it comes to defending a criminal charge. However, that’s not true. Aside from the pieces of evidence, you will also need to create a narrative for your purpose.


A well-maintained story can make the jurors understand your side of the story and consider the case again. Even if you are found to be guilty, your overall punishment might get reduced if you have created a decent storyline!

Step – 5: Gather Evidences Meticulously

The prosecutors will, indeed, work hard to collect various pieces of evidence for the case. And, we would ask you to do the same as well!


Well, finding all the relevant discoveries regarding the case before your opponent can help you get an edge over them. In some cases, the whole prosecution may end even before the other person has presented their prospects.

So, while hiring a lawyer, you should always ask them if they will –

  • Visit the crime scene to gather evidence or not
  • Find all the relevant documents or not
  • Interview witnesses or not

 You may also hire an investigator to help you out in this regard!


Building a defense case can be pretty tricky, especially if you don’t have a clue about the law itself. So, it will always be better for you to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City MO, for assistance. Otherwise, you start following the wrong footsteps and end up being guilty for the cause, even if you are innocent!

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