Chicago Style Pizza Recipe – How To Make It At The Home?

Chicago Style Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy and has now become one of the staple food items for Americans. People of all ages love pizzas, and you can get different types of pizzas all over the USA.

So, do you want to make a delicacy all on your own?

Here is a recipe for the Chicago style pizza. This is one of the recipes that originated in the US itself. A lot of foodies in the country know it as the Deep Dish Pizza. It is made in a way that it is able to take a person to heaven via the route of his tastebuds. 

Well, here, you can learn about the steps to make the Chicago style pizza. Moreover, you can check out the history related to it. So, for now, you can read out the following sections of the article.

What Is Dip Dish Pizza? (Or As You Call It… The Chicago Style Pizza)

What Is Dip Dish Pizza (Or As You Call It… The Chicago Style Pizza)

The uniqueness of the Chicago style pizza is its buttery crust. Well, you should always remember that it only gives it an authentic taste. So, baking is always vital. While making the Chicago style pizza, you should always keep a quote in mind. That  is:

“Always bake with passion!”

Well, there is no big deal in searching for ‘Chicago style pizza near me’ and ordering it. However, it would be fun to make it on your own. So, here are the ingredients and recipe. 

To know what is Chicago style pizza, you can make it at your kitchen. Here are the facts, ingredients and the complete procedure for making the Chicago style pizza. 

Facts About Chicago Style Pizza

The Deep Dish Pizza is one of the best stands on certain pillars. You can consider these as facts. Have a look:

1. The Crust: The crust of the Chicago style pizza generally is tough. It is so as there are a lot of ingredients as toppings that it has to hold.

2. The Toppings: You need premium quality meat and vegetables on the pizza. For the best taste, you can use sausages and beacon stripes for the toppings. Again, you should use mushrooms, brollies, and even bell peppers for the toppings. 

3. The Middle Crust: The middle crust of the Chicago style pizza is thin and you can get that outstanding taste due to the presence of double-layered cheese. 

4. The Sauce: There are nearly 4 to 5 types of sauces that you can put on the deep dish pizza. At times, you need to bake the bell-peepers and onions to make it soft. 

Chicago Style Pizza: Ingredients

Chicago Style Pizza Ingredients

The entire list of ingredients for making the Chicago style pizza is given below. You just need to check the table according to the kind of ingredients. 

General Materials: 

All-pupose Flour
Yellow Cornmeal
Fine Sea Salt
Granulated Sugar
Active Yeast (Dry)
Warm Water
Butter (Unsalted, Soft)
Butter (Unsalted, Melted)
 Olive Oil
➡ 3.2 Cups
➡ 0.5 Cups
➡ 1.2 Teaspoons
➡ 1 Tablespoon
➡ 2.2 Teaspoons
➡ 1.2 Cups
➡ 4 Tablespoons
➡ 4 Tablespoons 
➡ 3 Tablespoons 


Materials Estimate
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Additional Toppings (Optional)
➡ 4 Cups
➡ 0.5 Cups
➡ As per desire

Pizza Sauce Ingredients:

Materials Estimate
Olive Oil 
Red Onion

Black Pepper 
Unsalted Butter
Crushed Flakes Of Red Pepper
Cloves Of Garlic 
Granulated Sugar
Italian  Seasoning Mix
Basil Leaves (Chopped)
➡ 2 Tablespoons
➡ 0.5 Cups
➡ 1 Tablespoon
➡ 1 Teaspoon
➡ 1 Teaspoon
➡ 1 Teaspoon
➡ 0.25 Teaspoons
➡ 3 (minched)
➡ 1 Teaspoon
➡ 0.5 Teaspoons
➡ 2 Tablespoons

Procedure Of Making The Chicago Style Pizza

The entire procedure of making the Chicago style pizza is given below in parts and steps. The best you can do is follow the parts and the steps thoroughly. Check it out below:

Part 1: Pizza Dough Preparation

Pizza Dough Preparation

Step 1: Mix the cornmeal, sea salt, dry yeast, and sugar and mix it using the stand mixer. You can also do it with your hands. 

Step 2: Add the lukewarm water with the butter mixture to the flour mixture and blend it some more time.

Step 3:  Make a big ball of mixture and add a bit of olive oil to it. 

Step 4: Keep the entire dough under the tin foil as it can ferment and double in size. 

Step 5: Cut the dough into small balls. 

 Part 2: Assemble The Pizza And Serve

Assemble The Pizza And Serve

In the few steps given below, you can get an idea of assembling the Pizza. This part can be tricky, and you need to practice it instead of looking for ‘Chicago style deep dish pizza near me. Have a look:

Step 1: Preheat the oven

Step 2: Use a good pan or skillet for assembling the pizza. Remember, it is not a cheeseburger and you can assemble it in a bowl. 

Step 3: Add a good greasing on it. You can get the best product only if the pizza does not stick to the skillet. 

Step 4: Make a sauce and add to the pizza accordingly. 

Step 5: Apply the sauce and add the cheese from the top. You can get the best taste on adding the parmesan and mozzarella cheese from the top.

Step 6: Bake the Chicago style Pizza for 20 to 30 minutes some 180 degrees celsius. 

Step 7: Slice the pizza properly and enjoy the food. 

Chicago Style Pizza: Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of the Chicago style Pizza is outstanding. Well, you can get about 4000 calories and 190 grams of fat. The dish also contains 113% carbohydrates, 76% dietary fibers, and 19% protein. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. How Is Chicago-Style Pizza Made? 

Ans: Like all pizzas, the Chicago style pizzas are made with the help of baking. You need to put cheese and meat fillings on your pizza.

Q2. Is Chicago Pizza Dough Different?

Ans: Yes, the Chicago pizza dough has a crust on its sides too.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Chicago-Style Pizza And Regular Pizza?

Ans: The difference between the Chicago pizza and other pizzas is that it has side crusts.

Q4. How Do You Make Restaurant Style Pizza At Home? 

Ans: By taking the proper ingredients and following the right procedure, you can make deep-dish pizza like a restaurant at your place.

Final Words

The Chicago Style Pizza is no doubt a top American food that you can think of. So, you can always get the best quality variant at your nearby restaurants. Nevertheless, you know the way of making the pizza now. 

So, it will be better for you to make it at your place. All you need to remember is to be careful while applying the topping and baking the pizza. Do not overbake the pizza as it can ruin the whole taste.

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