Common Orthopaedic Problems In Senior Citizens: An Informative Guide

Orthopaedic Problems

Ageing is not an experience a lot of us seem to enjoy. As we start ageing (breaching the 60 years of age mark), our body becomes weaker. Almost all parts, organs, muscles, and bones of the body lose their strength, performance, and functioning. 

Our eyesight becomes weaker, our heart is not in as good a shape as it was, and our bones lose strength. We have difficulty walking a flight of stairs or getting up from a deep-seated and low sofa. Almost all medical studies show that orthopaedic problems and injuries are on the rise. 

One of the major misconceptions individuals have is- orthopaedic problems strike suddenly! That is not the case. In fact, almost all experts have documented that orthopaedic issues slowly develop over time. Taking preventive steps, eating supplements, etc. can help in mitigating the problems, but not eliminate them altogether. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most common orthopaedic problems in senior citizens. We take help from leading experts at Orion orthopaedic surgery to help us compile the list of problems. 

List of Common Orthopaedic Problems in Senior Citizens

1. Fracture- 

As we age, the bone density becomes lesser because of inadequate mineral absorption. The bones are not able to absorb the minerals when they are older. This makes the bones brittle and fragile. Even the slightest falls lead to bone fractures. This combined with weak vision and poor body balancing becomes a recipe for disaster leading to fractures. 

2. Arthritis- 

If data is to be believed, one in three senior citizens suffers from arthritis. This is a medical condition where the spine, hands, feet, joints, knees become weaker. This prevents flexibility in movement and makes it difficult for senior citizens to get up of performing tasks that require some level of dexterity. Most orthopaedics will prescribe medicines to manage this problem. 

3. Osteoporosis- 

Till we attain the age of thirty, our bone’s mass keeps increasing. Post that, the decrease starts to take place gradually. Osteoporosis leads to reduced bone density and mass. In simple words, the process of new bone production lags behind the speed of bone deterioration. Osteoporosis also takes place commonly at the post-menopause stage in women. 

4. Bone Dislocations- 

When senior citizens experience a sharp fall, the bones bounce off from the sockets where they should have been originally stationed. This results in intense pain which subsides only after the orthopaedic professional is able to move the bone back to its socket. With bones becoming weak, bones are vulnerable to getting displaced easily from the joints and sockets. 

How Senior Citizens Can Improve the Health of their Bones?

Ageing is a process that cannot be reversed. However, it can be managed with proper care, attention, and medical intervention. The following are some ways prescribed by expert orthopaedics by which senior citizens can look after their bone health- 

  1. Maintaining a proper diet is important. Eating healthy and working with a nutritionist can help you strengthen your bone density. Make sure that you are preparing a diet chart by taking into account any other medical conditions that you might have. 
  2. Most experts recommend that senior citizens should get enough sleep. Sleeping is the body’s natural recovery mechanism that aids in regeneration of the cells in our bones, muscles and other body parts. 
  3. Aging also reduces our body’s natural ability to absorb minerals from food. You can consult your orthopaedic and ask him to prescribe you with some iron and calcium supplements to maintain bone mass and density. 
  4. Finally, go for regular consultations with your doctor and run tests. This will help you with a clear picture about what is happening and which steps are required to overcome the problem. It can also help you take informed decisions about your bone health. 

The Bottom Line

By paying attention to all the points mentioned in the article, senior citizens can manage some of the common orthopaedic problems that exist. If you would like us to assist you in any way, or have any queries on orthopaedic issues and problems, please reach out to us in the comments below. We will request our good friends at Orion Ortho to help you out with a solution. 

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