5 Things Your Dog Needs For A Long Trip

Long Trip

Your dog is your best friend. Not to mention family, but like anything else in life, things can change and they can be hard on both of you.

When the time comes to putting them into the car for a long trip, it’s important that you set them up for success so that they’re not stressing out too much before or during the ride. It’s important that your dog knows how to ride in the car, and loves it. If they’re terrified of going in a vehicle, they won’t be happy when they get there.

Essential Items for Your Dog’s Adventure on the Road

Essential Items for Your Dog's Adventure on the Road

Just because they love getting into the car doesn’t mean that their accommodation will be all that comfortable. Like anything else, it takes some forethought and planning on your part to make sure that you take care of them before you put them into the vehicle.

Here are a few things you need to have prepared.

1. Food and Treats

You’ve heard this one before, but it’s true: if you take your dog on vacation, you must take travel food and treats with them. They’ll get used to the routine of the travel food, be happy when you arrive, and be satisfied when they’re in a strange new place.

You can also include treats in your regular routine so that they know that you’re taking care of them while they are away on vacation with you.

2. Vet Details

This is often overlooked by dog owners, but if your dog is going on vacation with you, you really need to have the details of a local vet at your destination and even en route if you are traveling.

This is an important one: make sure you have the details handy and saved for quick reference.

3. Clean Water

Keep plenty of fresh water with you on your trip; this is especially important if it is a long one. There’s nothing worse than being on a long journey and running out of water for yourself and your dog.

If you don’t know how safe or clean the water is where you’re going (or en route if you’re going hiking for example) be sure to pack a water filter in your kit. Your dog needs clean water just like you do.

4. Leash or Harness

Most dogs are comfortable in the car when harnessed for safety, and a leash is handy for getting around important places like the vet’s office or the park where you’ll be staying while you are on vacation with your dog.

It can also make it easier to keep them safe if they wander off into unfamiliar places! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be by your side instead of going exploring by themselves at every opportunity.

5. Poop Bags

If your dog is traveling with you, it’s important to take them out and let them use the toilet frequently. You don’t want your dog to be stressed by using the bathroom while they are in transit.

Pack plenty of poop bags to ensure easy clean-up afterward.

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