Frito Pie Recipe – How To Make It In Home?

Frito pie

Who does not like the little spicy taste of the Frito pie? This recipe’s origin is from Mexico. And from this place slowly it makes its way. The spicy taste of Frito Pie is a great combination of grounded beef and chopped onion. The crunchy onion and the spicy beef chilli can make any food lover’s day.

Most often, Frito lovers buy these pies from restaurants. But the recipe for the Frito pie is not very tough to follow. If you want to cook this at your home, You can easily follow the recipe and enjoy the spicy taste of the Frito pie.

Where Is The Origin Of Frito Pie?

Where Is The Origin Of Frito Pie

The main ingredients of the Frito pie recipe are chilli, cheeses, and corn chips. This pie was first created in the  Five and Dime Store of Old Santa Fe. Then in 1960, this tasty spicy dish was served with different attire. The Frito pie is served with Texas-style chilli and topped with cheddar cheese.

These pies are not like traditional comfort food. These are more like spicy and crunchy taste mixtures. Not only taste-wise, but the look of these freshly created pies is also very colourful and vibrant.

Now let’s see how you how to make Frito pie at your home.

Frito Pie Recipe

Frito Pie Recipe

The cooking time is only 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, the ingredients are also added. So this is very clear. Within 30 minutes, you will get a freshly baked Frito chilli pie on your plate.

I am starting with the ingredient list.


Here is the detailed ingredient list.

Onion1 chopped medium size onion
Grounded Beef1 pound
Pinto Beans With Tomato Sauce30 ounces
Frito Corn Chips9 ounces
Enchilada Sauce20 ounces
Shredded Cheddar Cheese2 small cups full of cheese
Sliced green onionsAs per your taste 

Cooking Directions:

The authentic Frito pie recipe requires only 30 minutes of cooking time. You can mix and match with the beans and the source choices.

Here are the step-by-step directions for making the Frito pie at your home.

Step 1: Prep your ground beef. Soak up the excess water from the beef. Then take a large skillet. And cook the beef and the onion on a medium flame.

Step 2: Cook until the beef becomes soft and tender. You can add some seasoning like chilli flakes or any Mexican hot seasoning to make your beef even spicy.

Step 3: Cook the beef until you do not find any water in it. The cooking time is only 6 to 8 minutes. When your beef is reaching a tender state, stir the excess water from the cooking.

Step 4: Then add the sauce and the pinto beans. If you like the black beans, then you also can add the black beans and the sauce.

Step 5: Then preheat your oven to 350°. Ready your baking tray with the cooked ground beef. Stir the ground beef and grease your baking tray with a sprinkle of oil.

Step 6: Separate the corn chips and keep some of the corn chips for garnishing. Then layer the ground beef on the pan.

Step 7: Add some sauce and cheese to the top of the beef. And place the remaining corn chips.

Step 8: Then your place is ready for baking. Place the baking tray in the oven and bake the whole preparations for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 9: Your dish is ready to be served. Garnish with the chopped green onion. And serve it still hot. 

You also can see the recipes from the pioneer woman Frito pie. But grounded beef Frito pie is the authentic one. So you can follow those recipes as well as this recipe.

Nutrition Factors Of The Frito Pie For Single Serving

Calories 731 Kcl
Fat 41g
Saturated Fat14g

During the serving, You can serve it with french fries or some sour creams. Even tomato sauce is also okay. But often people prefer this dish without extra toppings or sauces.

If you like the taste of the Frito pie casserole, then serve with sour cream and guacamole. It will taste different and more delicious.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Q1: Is Frito Pie A Full Texas Thing?

Ans: Frito pie is not a full Texas thing. The Frito pie is served in many restaurants with smoked and grilled meats. Some places are also serving this plate with jalapeno and a small number of green chillies.

Q2: Is There Any Other Name For Frito Pie?

Ans: Yes, this food originated in Mexico. But the dish is slowly travelling to different parts of the world. Every place is giving other names to these pie recipes. Here are some of the names which you can take as examples.
⦿ Walking taco
⦿ Pepperbellies
⦿ jailhouse tacos
⦿ Petro’s etc.

Is The Frito Pie A Comfort Food?

Ans: Unlike the other traditional comfort food, this pie is an excellent combination of creamy, cheesy flavours and corn chips. The creation of this dish started in the Midwestern, Southeastern.

Wrapping It Up:

Frito means deep-fried food. These deep-fried ground beef recipes are some of the best tasty and spicy dishes. And corn chips add very crunchy flavours to the dish. If you are a spice lover and want to taste something different, then this dish is the perfect selection for you. Follow these recipes and let us know your cooking experiences through the comment sections.

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