Augment Your Meeting Experience With These Google Meet Extensions

Google Meet Extensions

In the last decades, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive demand for collaboration and video conferencing tools. Google Meet has emerged as a top contender and a platform of choice for remote workers. To access google meet, you have to first add the google meet extensions.

What Are The Attractive Features Of Google Meet Extensions?

What Are The Attractive Features Of Google Meet Extensions?

The features of google meet extensions that make it stand out from the rest are:

1. Cross-Platform Independency:

 The cross-platform accessibility of the app comes in handy. The app works on all devices, and you can join meetings from your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

2. Excellent Screen Sharing Potential

The google meet extensions and app offer excellent screen-sharing capabilities. You can present an entire window or screen of an application in meetings to share it with the participants. 

Also, you can share documents to make it easier for the participants to collaborate on the presentations.

3. Inbuilt Call And Messaging Features

The google meet extensions even have an in-call messaging feature that makes meetings more effective. 

Participants can share and message links or files during a live video call.

4. You Can Pin For A Particular Participant

Google meet extensions and participants in a video call can pin a particular participant. 

The meeting host or organizer can even remove or mute other participants if there are any issues or disturbances.

7 Top Google Meet Extensions

7 Top Google Meet Extensions

As Google Meet is available directly in your browser, enhancing your video calling experience by affixing extensions for the app is possible. 

These extensions will help add more features in addition to the existing ones and change the way the application behaves. Below are the top Google Meet extensions.

1. MeetInOne

MeetInOne is a native Google Meet app with additional out-of-call and in-call features. With these Google Meet extensions and apps, you don’t have to switch between windows and browser tabs anymore. You can join video meetings from the menu bar, try push-to-talk and even toggle the microphone and camera. 

Keeping track of meeting statistics is easier. Furthermore, MeetInOne offers a browser extension for video conferencing in Safari and Google Chrome. If you want to upgrade your Google Meet experience, you cannot stay away from MeetInOne.

2. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Want to use Google Meet extensions efficiently? Google Meet Enhancement Suite is a one-stop solution with a wide range of settings and features. The extension enhances the app’s functionality and brings it to par with Zoom. 

The added features include turning off the video before joining a meeting, automatically muting the microphone, or enabling captions. You can even mirror videos, start and leave meetings quickly, toggle dark mode, remove all participants, etc.

3. Google Meet Party Button

Thanks to the Google meet extensions Party Button, you can seamlessly celebrate with your remote team. 

The extension adds an extra button so you can create a confetti effect on the screen and celebrate the achievements of your remote team, an event, or someone’s birthday.

4. Google Meet Grid View

Google Meet extensions have a limit on the video display of active participants. Thanks to the GridView extension, you get a button that allows multiple grids of videos. You can see every participant in equal-sized rectangular displays by adding this extension.

The Grid View extension ensures all the participants are following online meeting etiquettes. The extension also includes options to augment your meetings by hiding participants without video or highlighting the current speaker.

5. Fireflies. ai

Fireflies dot AI is an AI-powered conference associate that transcribes, records, and makes every meeting readily searchable. Users can invite into along with their Google Calendar events. Or can connect this AI assistant to their calendar and have multiple Fireflies join as a participant.

By using the Fireflies Chrome Google meet extensions, you can directly transcribe and record the meetings from your browser. Once the meeting has ended, the transcript and the recording will be saved to the Fireflies dashboard. 

Then, you can share it with your teammates to help them collaborate. If you wish to push your meetings further, you can switch on integrations to apps like Dropbox, Slack, or Salesforce.

6. Reactions To Google Meet

The Google Meet extensions let the host mute other participants when someone is talking to avoid interruptions and disturbances. However, if the participants wish to raise concerns, there isn’t any feature in Google Meet’s interface. 

So, you can consider using Reactions for Google Meet so that when the speaker is talking, the other participants are muted. They can express their thoughts by reacting with Thumbs Up, Claps, or Wow. 

If they have questions, they can raise their hand to signal the host their concerns. These reactions will show on the meeting screen.

7. TurboMeet

TurboMeet is an incredible alternative to Google Enhancement Suite. The add-on enables users to toggle Push-to-talk for productive meetings. You can even end meetings with hotkeys or enable auto-captions. 

Similar to the Enhancement Suite, TurboMeet comes packed with Google Meet extensions and features. Some are incredible, such as the auto-join feature that automatically switches off the video and audio before the meeting starts.


Have you used any of the Google Meet extensions which we mentioned above? If not, it is time to start adding on these extensions and taking your Google Meet video calling experience to the next level.

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