Green Chile Stew Recipe – How To Make It In Home?

green chile stew

When you are trying any Mexican food, you will find that spice brings the maximum taste. For this dish, the chopped meat and beef chinks add more flavors. The list of authentic Mexican dishes is a little bit longer.

But these green chile stew recipes are more like stable food, which is one of the authentic stew recipes of Mexico. You can make these dishes with any type of meat. But my favorite stew is with park chunk meats and loaded with green chilis and potato chunks.

How To Prepare The Best Green Chile Stew?

How To Prepare The Best Green Chile Stew

Whenever I think about the green chili strews, I remember how I grew up in a countryside house. And whenever I feel sick, my mother always prepares this strew for me. One thing is the taste of the stew is a little bit spicy. And another one is during the cold winter or rainy afternoon this single dish will give you very cozy feelings.

My personal favorite strew type is little spicy stews which are loaded with bite-size chunks of pork or beef chinks. Along with plenty of garlic and black pepper. Every mom has unique recipes. But my mom makes it in an authentic Mexican way. Which I like most. When I want to eat something spicy, I make it at home and taste the soup on a rainy afternoon while reading a storybook. Don’t sound very spicy and cozy?

Let’s see how I make this delicious green chile stew recipe at my home.

How I Make Green Chile Stew At My Home?

How I Make Green Chile Stew At My Home

The green chile chicken stew is easy to make even though the cooking time is also short. But my favorite is pork stew. The pork chunks require more time to cook than the chicken. 

Here is the recipe for the green chile pork stew.

  • Recipe Preparation Time: 15 mins
  • Cooking time: 1 hrs 32 mins
  • Total time: 1 hrs 48 mins
  • Servings For: 4 people 

This is the total preparation time for green chile stew. Now let’s begin the process of how to make green chile stew.

Ingredients List:

No.Vegetable oil or Olive oil 2 tablespoons 
1Cubed Pork Stew Meat2 Pounds
2Chopped onion1 Large size 
3Diced Tomatoes 1 large size or 12 ounces 
4Green chile peppers5 ounces
5Garlic salt1 teaspoon 
6Ground cumin1 teaspoon 
7Dices Potatoes And Peeled2 large potatoes
8Garlic and cloves 3 large sizes of garlic and three coves 
9Beef broth1 and a half cups of beef broth

Preparation Process:

Here is the recipe for green chile pork stew.

Step 1: Prepare your diced meat first. Pick a screw pan and coat the pan with olive oil or vegetable oil. Then toss the pork meat. The meat will release fat. You can keep that fat. Else you can drain it. I prefer to drain up the fat and keep the meat aside.

Step 2: Pick a large pot and coat the pot with 1 tablespoon of oil. Then heat the oil over medium heat. Then give the diced onions until the onions are turning the color and have a translucent color. This process will take about 5 minutes.

Step 3: For making the New Mexico green chile stew pour diced tomatoes and new Mexico green chile. Cook for some time. Then add the beef broth. Stir the garlic salt along with the cumin, salt, and pepper to have a better taste.

Step 4: Then add cubed potatoes to the broth and let the stew boil.When the stress is reaching the simmering points. Then lower the flame. And let the preparation boil.

Step 5: Cook this whole preparation until the beef chunks become more tender. If required, you can add more broth to reach the right softness of the beef. You can add more water to your green chile stew.

Nutrition Facts Of The Strew Dish:

Nutrition Facts Of The Strew Dish

Each of the servings contains 550 calories and 43.7gm of proteins. Along with fat 26.4g; cholesterol 121 mg; sodium 1454 mg.


Now, your green chile pork stew is entirely prepared. This is the time when you have to serve green chile stew while it is hot. Pick a strew bowl and pour the strew. Garnish it with a few grounded peppers and salts. If you are like me and want to have some crunchy flavors with these strew. Then serve the strew with a butter-toasted bread piece.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: What Goes With The Pork Green Chilli Stew?

Ans: Stir the one-fourth cup of cilantro and the seasoning with salt and pepper. Then you can use the chopped cilantro on the dish. And serve the stew with lime wedges, tortillas, and steamed rice.

Q2: How Long Can You Preserve The Green Chile Stew In The Fridge?

Ans: If you are correct, procedures for the storage of the strew can be stored in the refrigerator for three to four days. Keep aside the straw that you want to preserve in the fridge. Then let the straw cool down and keep that untouched. Then save the whole preparations in the refrigerator.

Q3: Can Green Chiles Ever Spoil?

Ans: You can store the Thawed chile for up to 2 weeks. If you are purchasing chilies from the grocery stores, every chili pack is perfectly prepared for the refrigerator stores. But if you find any discolorations in the texture, do not use them for your cooking.


This is the pork green chile stew. If you are not a pork lover like me, you can use chicken and beef meat. But chicken meat requires a small amount of cooking time. You also can do the experiment with broth parts. Chicken, pork, and beef broth are things you can add to making the strews. What are your secret tips for making these delicious green chile stew recipes? Share your opinion in the comment sections.

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