How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password?

How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

Jailbreaking an iPhone is famous for being super difficult due to the high amounts of security provided by Apple. However, even if you haven’t set your iPhone password, it can still be difficult to break into one. Therefore, you must learn how to factory reset iPhone without password in case of an emergency.

However, there are various ways to factory reset your iPhone. Some of these methods use a computer and your iTunes and iCloud account. Therefore, if you wish to know these ways, learn them by reading this post till the end.

How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password?

There are many ways to learn how to factory reset iPhone without password. To do so, you can apply any of these four methods, which I have explained below:

1. Factory Reset iPhone Using iTunes

Factory Reset iPhone Using iTunes

For this method, you need a computer that has Apple iTunes installed on it. Therefore, after you have done so, follow these steps in order:

  1. First, switch off your iPhone.
  2. Then connect it to your computer via USB.
  3. Now, switch it back on in Recovery Mode. You need to keep holding the buttons for recovery mode to turn it on. The button combination for this depends on the model of the iPhone.
  4. Once you enter recovery mode, open iTunes 
  5. In this app, you will find the Apple icon on the top left corner of the app. Click on it.
  6. It will show you the same notification now – iPhone has a “problem” and needs to be updated or restored. Here, select the Restore option.
  7. Now, your iPhone will get reset automatically. So just have patience and wait for some time till the process ends.

2. Factory Reset iPhone Using Find My iPhone

Factory Reset Iphone Using Find My iPhone

You can learn how to reset iPhone to factory settings without password using the Find My iPhone app. However, for this method to work, you need to have an Apple ID to use this global tracking network created by Apple.

To learn how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Find My website using your computer.
  2. On the home screen of this website, click on the Find iPhone option.
  3. When the map opens, click on the All Devices option at the top of the screen.
  4. Now, you will get a list of all the devices that have been linked to your Apple ID. Click on your iPhone here.
  5. Next, select the Erase iPhone option.
  6. Now, you will need to type in your Apple ID password to reset your phone. You might have to answer a security question here to ensure that you are not a bot.

Your iPhone will reset immediately when it’s connected to the internet.

3. Factory Reset iPhone Via Recovery Mode (Using iTunes)

Factory Reset iPhone Via Recovery Mode (using iTunes)

If you’ve installed the iTunes app on your computer, you can use it to enter your iPhone into Recovery Mode. Here, you don’t need a password to reset your iPhone. To reset your iPhone using iTunes, follow these steps below:

  1. Open the iTunes app on your computer.
  2. Start your iPhone in Recovery Mode (press the volume up and down buttons plus the side button together).
  3. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable.
  4. As soon as you connect, the option to Restore your iPhone will pop up in the iTunes app.

This method will take approximately 15 minutes to restore your iPhone.

Why Learn How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password?

Why Learn How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password
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There can be several reasons why you would want to learn how to factory reset iPhone without password. The primary reasons are:

  • iPhone issues: Though the general consensus is that iPhones have few faults, they can still suffer from freezes. Therefore, resetting your iPhone here might be the best option.
  • Storage corruption: More often than not, your iPhone can suffer from storage issues due to downloading and installing corrupted files. This can risk bricking your iPhone, which will spell more trouble for you.
  • Faulty updates: Sometimes, Apple might introduce new updates to the OS that can have faults and bugs in them. While they will get patched out soon, it can create iPhone issues. You can restore your iPhone here to erase all content and setting.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

People have been asking various questions regarding how to factory reset iPhone without password. The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. How Do I Force My iPhone To Factory Reset?

Ans: To force your iPhone to factory reset, you need to follow the instructions below:
➼ Go to your iPhone settings
➼ Open General Settings
➼ Click on Transfer or Reset iPhone
➼ Finally, tap on Erase all Content and Settings

Q2. Does Hard Reset Delete Everything iPhone?

Ans: A hard reset does not delete everything on your iPhone. However, after you do a hard reset, you will retain all contacts, custom settings, files, and applications. Therefore, you will feel like having a brand-new iPhone even with all the stored data.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Factory Reset And Hard Reset?

Ans: A factory reset means your iPhone will return to normal, like when you first bought it. However, it will delete every piece of data on your iPhone. On the other hand, a hard reset refers to forcefully resetting your iPhone. Nothing will be lost. 

Time To Hit Reset (Even Without A Password)

Even if you don’t remember your iPhone password, resetting your iPhone is still pretty easy. Therefore, learning the various ways on how to factory reset iPhone without password becomes crucial when such a situation arises.

You can do so by using your computer’s iTunes and iCloud apps. However, you must plug in your iPhone using a USB cable for these methods to work. On the other hand, you can also make use of the Find My iPhone app as well. 
If this article helped you sort your problems, let us know in the comments down below! Also, remember to check out other posts here at World News Inn!

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