Is 4k Video Downloader Safe? Things You Should Know

is 4k video downloader safe

Is 4k video downloader safe? This question goes through the minds of so many people who would like to use this app. Your online safety is paramount when choosing a YouTube video downloader. This article will help you to understand whether the 4K video downloader is a safe app or not. 

There are so many YouTube downloaders in the market but the 4K video downloader remains to be the most popular. Open Media LLC is the developer of this desktop video downloader. This company is located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. It has been in operation since 2014 May and now boasts of having over two million users. 

Is 4k Video Downloader Safe: User Reviews 

Is 4k Video Downloader Safe User Reviews

So many people doubt the security of the 4K video downloader and ask several questions online. As a result, there are so many user reviews that talk about this software on the worldwide web. You can do everything with this tool without having to enter any code. Unlike the other free options, is 4K video downloader works perfectly and still downloads the best quality videos. It could be one of the reasons that may make you doubt its safety. 

Most of the people who use this software voice positive opinions about this software. When you download the app from the official website, you may find a notification that the file type can harm your computer. You have the option of continuing to download the 4K video downloader or discarding it.

When you keep on downloading the file, you will discover that the software has nothing unusual once you install it. Google prompts users to enhance their security against the download of unwanted software on Google search and Chrome browser. If you open antivirus software when downloading and installing the 4K video downloader, you will discover that no virus will be detected. 

Therefore, if you are still asking if the video downloader is safe, there is no need to worry. Just make sure that you download it from which is the company’s official website. In case you get the 4kvideodownloader.exe files that come from 3rd party websites, you cannot be sure that there is no whatnot, malware, Trojan, or virus. 

Desktop YouTube downloaders are typically safe for downloading videos. However, some of the apps can contain malware. That is why you need to keep the antivirus open as you download the 4K video downloader. Also, run the virus scan before you open the file you have downloaded. 

Is 4K Video Downloader Worth?

Is 4K video downloader safe? Yes. But is the use of this software worth it? A safe app that does not guarantee you a good user experience is still useless. 

Strengths Of 4K Video Downloader 

Strengths Of 4K Video Downloader

First, this tool presents a very powerful video downloader. With this robust program, you can download so many things from different popular platforms and save them in various audio and video formats with various resolutions. You can download age-restricted videos, virtual reality videos, 3D videos, subtitles, playlists, and channels among other private content. 

With the 4K video downloader, you can download videos from multiple popular websites. You can download anything from SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Likee, TikTok, and YouTube to name a few. It is a feature that you will not get in most of the other video downloaders. 

With the 4K video downloader, you can download multiple file formats. It supports audio formats such as OGG/M4A/MP3/3GP and video formats like MKV/FLP/MP4. Therefore, this platform has basically everything that you need. 

4K video downloader supports multiple resolutions including 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p. In case you have subscribed to certain YouTube channels, this software can download videos from them automatically. Therefore, in case new videos are released on the YouTube channel that you have subscribed to, the tool will download them for you automatically. 

It has a Smart Mode feature that is available on its premium version. The options auto-applies your preferred settings to all future downloads.  

Ease Of Use And Super-Fast

Ease Of Use And Super-Fast

Apart from checking that the 4K video downloader is safe, its speed and ease of use are of critical importance. It is a performance-fast and easy-to-use tool that allows you to download video content quickly and fast. To download your video, you need to undertake the following steps: 

Step 1
Download the 4K video downloader from the company’s official website and then follow the on-screen wizard to make the installation. 

Step 2
Launch the new software on your device and then copy the link for the YouTube video that you wish to download and save. 

Step 3
Look for the paste link button in the App and click on it. It is normally at the top left corner in the interface of the software. It will begin to parse the video link that you are working with. 

Step 4
There are some things that you need to do on the download clip window:

  • Check to extract audio or download video 
  • Choose the file format 
  • Choose audio or video resolution
  • Select the save location 
  • Click the download 

It will just take you a few seconds to download the video. After ending the downloading process, you may right-click the video that you have downloaded on the interface and then select the play option to view the video. There is also a delete feature that you can use to remove the video if you wish to do so. 

Additional Features 

You can also get the 4K video downloader in various languages. These include Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, and English. The software also works on Linux, Mac, and Windows applications. 


In case you were wondering if a 4K video downloader is safe, there is no doubt about it. It is among the best video downloaders that you can find in the market. However, just like is the case when downloading other files, it is important to open an antivirus on your device

when downloading this software. To add on this, make sure that you download the app from the official company website. With this in place, you will not have any worries by asking if the 4K video downloader is safe. 

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