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overflow anime

Are you looking for very sensual and romantic anime to watch all by yourself? In that case, I recommend you to watch the overflow anime. But, before you start watching this anime, you need to watch it alone.

The anime has beautiful animation, good character design, and an OVERFLOWING story that will keep you seated through all eight of the episodes.

There are many anime series in the ecchi/ hentai category, but only a few compare to the magnificence of Overflow anime. Therefore, most of the fans of such anime will recommend you watch Overflow anime.

In this article, I have talked about the story of the overflow anime and the characters of the anime. I have also given you directions regarding where you can watch this anime.

Overflow Anime Synopsys

Overflow Anime Synopsys

The overflow anime falls under the hentai category, and it makes the proper justification for its adherence to its corresponding genre. The anime explores the deep and sensual aspects of teenage romance. 

This story is about a boy and two girls who are close to each other(not blood-related). The boy has known the two sisters since childhood. As the story moves forward, the boy ends up having sex with both of the sisters. 

So who is the overflow anime protagonist? A university student named Kazushi Sudou is the protagonist of the overflow anime. In this anime, he got a visit from two of the Shirakawa sisters who currently live with him.

His sisters (not blood-related) are named Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa. Both of them have been very fond of Kazuki since childhood, and now they are grown-up adult teens. 

One day Ayane asks Kazuki to bring her favorite pudding, and Kazuki forgets it. In addition to that, he was also using her favorite lotion during the bath. Ayane becomes furious and is determined to take revenge on Kazuki by trying to get into the bathtub with him and Kotone, her sister. 

While taking a bath together, Kazuki and Kotone come closer, and they become sexually intimate during Ayane’s absence. 

Later that night, Kazuki mistakes Ayane for Kotone and tries to arouse her sexually. Upon finding out it was Ayane and not Kotone, he steps back. Later, he had Ayane’s consent and had sexual intercourse with her. Eventually, Kazuki ends up having sex with both of the sisters. 

Overflow Anime Characters

Who are the main characters in Overflow?

There are only three characters in the Overflow anime. Kazushi Sudou, Ayane Shirakawa, and Kotone Shirakawa.

Kazuki Sudou

Kazuki Sudou

He is the main character of the anime. He is kind of an elder brother to two of the Shirakawa sisters. Although there is no blood relation between the two of these sisters, they seem to act pretty close. 

Ayane Shirakawa

Ayane Shirakawa

The elder sister among the Shirakawa sisters is Ayane. She is pretty with long brown hair. And also very attractive figure. She is the feisty sister who can get away with saying anything to Kazuki. 

Kotone Shirakawa

Kotone Shirakawa

Unlike her older sister Ayane, Kotone is a little on the submissive side. She falls nowhere behind Ayyane in terms of looks and charm. Her short hair and busty figure go in toe-to-toe competition with Ayane. She was the first sister Kazuki had sex with. 

About Overflow Anime

Overflow anime is basically the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. The Japanese name of the manga is “Overflow: Iretara Ofureru Kyōdai no Kimochi.” The anime is a fan favorite to many of the so-called otakus who love to watch hentai.

There are eight episodes of the anime. According to MyAnimeList rating, it got a 6.7 score. Also, this anime got 4.5 ratings out of 5 from BetaSeries.Com. The anime will be released on Tokyo MX in November 2019. 

Although many fans were so curious about watching the Overflow anime, the anime’s second season was canceled, unfortunately.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

If you have not watched the overflow anime yet, you can do it now. A simple storyline shows you the sensual and ecchi side of the character with passion and lustfulness. If you have any questions related to this anime, you can read the following questions–

Q1. Is The Anime Overflow On Netflix?

Ans: No, Overflow is hentai, and Netflix doesn’t stream hentai.

Q2. How Can I Watch Anime Overflow?

Ans: If you are dead set on watching Overflow, then you need to watch the uncensored version of the anime hentai. You need to look for free anime websites like 9anime.

Q3. What Is The Story Of Overflow?

Ans: There is generally no story in the Overwatch anime. Since it is hentai, the story is very basic. The anime protagonist is a guy in his mid-twenties who has sex with two girls who come to visit him.

Q4. Where Can I Watch Overflow Anime For Free? 

Ans: You can watch the anime on 9anime, hentai 1907, Kisshentai. You can also download the anime from torrent sites like ThePirateBay, and RARBG.

Q5. Will Overflow Get A Second Season?

Ans: If you are waiting for the second season of the Overflow anime, then there is bad news for you. Overflow season 2 has been canceled and will probably not be renewed for a second season.

Have Fun Watching 

I strictly remind you that Overflow anime has sensitive adult content. If you are underage, then you must avoid watching this anime. Also, if you are an adult, it is better to watch it alone. 

If you love to watch hentai and ecchi-type anime, then this is a must-watch anime that you should put on your list.

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