The red ginseng for your erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is incapability of producing or maintaining an erection. It is somewhat leading symptom in ageing men.  Inability to perform in bed frequently demands treatment. There are more than few reasons to look for in these cases for treatment and can be treated by changes in lifestyle, use of medicines, herbal and other treatments to restore sexuality to normal.

Treating erectile dysfunction (ED)

Causes of ED are mostly physiological as well as psychological. Physiological reasons include among others diabetes, cardiac problems and nerve damage. In some cases, giving up smoking, drinking may help the condition. Certain other cases require weightless and regular exercising. Even in changing lifestyle, the condition may persist.  Medical procedures may then be required in dire cases. The easy way is using medication that might include herbal supplements such as ginseng. However, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

A brief History

Mostly grows in Asia, this plant is also known as Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng  and Panax Ginseng but should be confused with Siberian or American ginseng. The latter are totally other plants with different medical properties.

A Quality product ginseng is made from a root of a five-year-old plant. The root is both dried and powered which is called as white ginseng or is first steamed and then dried which is called red ginseng.  As it takes 5 years at minimum for growing a single ginseng plant, the product is costly.

Use of Korean ginseng causes mental alertness and may help Ed. It also helps people with cardiac problems as well as fight colds. Unfortunately, it is not FDA-approved for Ed and might obstruct with few medicines. A mild side effect is it intensifies the effects of caffeine.

Conventional uses of red ginseng

For centuries, people of china and Korea have been using the red ginseng as supplements.  They are used to:

  • Improve immunity
  • Cardiac health
  • Cure diabetes
  • Treat lethargy
  • Help stress
  • Cure Erectile dysfunction

The shape of the root looks like a human figure. Instead of limbs, the root has shoots. The traditional healers therefore considered ginseng as useful for the completely human body. Today, the scientific community has started considering ginseng as proven herbal treatment.

Korean red ginseng and erectile dysfunction

Treating erectile dysfunction has long been achieved by using ginseng. However, it is not just a folk medicine anymore. A study conducted with 45 impotent men showed very promising results with doses of 900 mg of ginseng given thrice each day with controlled group given placebos.  The results showed that use of ginseng is an effective alternate treatment for impotency.

Female sexuality and ginseng

After menopause, losing libido is a usual sign for women. Absence of sex drive in such woman can be devastating for a couple and fortunately, ginseng helps here too. A study with 32 women having reached menopause were given ginseng and placebos. Those given actual dose showed signs of a good stir in libido. The conclusion drawn from this study was ginseng is effective in improving libido in menopausal women.

Some other benefits of ginseng

It has been suggested by researchers that ginseng might help people with cancer mostly colorectal cancer. It may help people going through chemotherapy to use ginseng along. A research has shown that ginseng helps in prevention of tumors and spread of cancer cells. Cancer patients has reported in a research that ginseng helps in easing chronic fatigue they face due to cancer. Furthermore, ginseng helps people with heart condition by decreasing the severity of their condition. It helps blocking colds, increase endurance and relive stress

How to avail the Ginseng

All the research stated above was done on red ginseng, though white ginseng might be effective as well. When procuring these items, be sure to read what type of ginseng is written of packaging labels. It is available in markets as dried roots to be used in tea, powered, in capsules as well as in liquid form. Reach for your doctor for dosage as taking excess ginseng is not wise.

Side effects of ginseng

Red ginseng used in short terms is mostly safe for many people but usage over long period of time might interfere with your normal bodily function. Although side effects do not occur in all the people who take ginseng, still its use should prescribed by a health professional.

The most frequent side effect is insomnia. The lesser-known side effects include

  • Menstrual problems
  • Elevated heart beat rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Rashes

Warnings and risks

Red ginseng is known to cause interference with other medication. If you are taking medicines already such as listed below, consult your doctor timely

Pros and cons

Ginseng is an available product in market and isn’t costly. It does not require a prescription to buy ginseng. However, it may not help people with impotency alone. Research shows changing into a healthy lifestyle is prerequisite for effective treatment with ginseng. It is not an FDA approved and like other herbal drugs, its properties are not completely understood by scientific community as well. Therefore, it should be used only if prescribed.


Korean red ginseng may help in treating impotency but should not be considered as sole medical treatment.  Before a detailed scientific research is done on ginseng, it is not guaranteed that red ginseng will cure erectile dysfunction, although studies have shown promising results. It is therefore not to be used without a doctor’s opinion.