15 Simple Eyeshadow Looks That Make You Gorgeous

Simple Eyeshadow Looks

This holiday season, look you’re very best by making your eyes pop and your personality shine. So if you are looking forward to making your eyes pop, then we can give you the best simple eyeshadow looks that anyone can create.

So if you want to look your very best, then you should definitely try out the different amazing, yet simple eyeshadow looks we have in store for you.

Simple Eyeshadow Looks

In your whole makeup routine, the most important things are the eyes and the lips. And it is important to make them sparkle in your whole look.

So in order to make your eyes look great, we have a few great examples of simple eyeshadow looks that you can try out this holiday season.

1. Brown And Gold Eyeshadow Looks

Brown And Gold Eyeshadow Looks

The colors brown and gold looks great together, and when these two colors are blended together, they look even better. The colors can be made with subtle tones as well as bright and vibrant tones.

2. Defined Crease Smokey Eyes

Defined Crease Smokey Eyes

These defined creases look classic, simple, and yet dramatic at the same time. But if you feel like the artistic prowess is too much in this particular simple eyeshadow looks for beginners, then you can make this into simpler way.

3. Gold Festive Eyes

Gold Festive Eyes

If you are bold enough, then you should know gold eyeshadow looks are always great. And if you are willing to make it more eye catchy and stunning, you should definitely add winged eyeliner and mascara.

4. Deep Blue Eyeshadow

Deep Blue Eyeshadow

If you are a fan of bright colors and absolutely love the blue color, then you should definitely do ombre shade simple eyeshadow looks to make your eyes look gorgeous.

There are many different shades of blue that you can use to make a great holiday eye shadow look with beautiful blue colors.

5. Plum-Smoked Eyes

Plum-Smoked Eyes

The color plum can be a bit tricky to match, but once you can match a beautiful shade of plum color with your outfit, then it will look great. The smokey-eyed look with a plum color looks unique for the holiday season.

6. Rose Gold Eyes

The trend of this year is to make everything rose gold. It is something different and beautiful at the same time. The color rose gold has been the trend for a while now, so using that color as your eyeshadow is going to look great for any occasion.

7. Mermaid Eyeshadows

Mermaid Eyeshadows

The mermaid style of simple eyeshadow looks is to make use of two colors, primarily which are purple and blue. If you want to, you can add sparkles and other glitters to your eyeshadow to make it look even more beautiful.

8. Black And Silver Smokey Eyes

Black And Silver Smokey Eyes

If you are going for the classy, evergreen look this holiday season, then go for the classic black and silver smokey eye look. No other color can beat this iconic combo of black and silver.

9. Warm Copper Green Eyeshadow Makeup

Warm Copper Green Eyeshadow Makeup

Pulling off simple eyeshadow looks in green color is not so easy to pull off by most of you. So if you wanna mute the green color down, you can always apply copper eyeshadow to it. It dimmers down the green and creates a very earthy look to your whole eyeshadow.

10. Foiled Sunset Eyes

Foiled Sunset Eyes

If you want to make your eyes pop, then the best eyeshadow for you are the sunset shades, such as yellow, brown and possibly gold. These not-so-simple eyeshadow looks of sunset colors are great as daytime looks.

11. Sultry Copper-Rose Gold Eyes

Sultry Copper-Rose Gold Eyes

If you wanna try the colors red and rose gold together, then you will get a beautiful nude shade eyeshadow look. That looks simple, yet gorgeous, at any event you are going to. These colors are great for both night and day looks.

12. Navy And Purple Smokey Eyes

Navy And Purple Smokey Eyes

Like we said in the mermaid look, where you should use blue and purple, but they are light shades. But for this look, you are using navy blue and purple to create a smokey look, to create something a bit more sexy and sultry.

13. Leaf Green Eye Makeup

Leaf Green Eye Makeup

If you are going for a full-on green simple eyeshadow looks moment, then this leafy green look is the best for you.

To tone it down, you can add a bit of yellow or gold to it to make it sparkle. Then adding a bit of mascara and eyeliner will make the whole look complete.

14. Lavender Eyeshadows

Lavender Eyeshadows

Did you know the trending color for the year 2023 is going to be lavender? So it is high time that you buy the most beautiful shades of lavender and lilac that you can. These shades are great for both the daytime and nighttime.

15. Christmas Eyeshadow Looks

Christmas Eyeshadow Looks

If you are feeling extra Christmasy this year, then for your simple Christmas eyeshadow looks this year, don’t make it too simple.

Add a little snowflake and a bit of sparkle, and maybe do your eyeshadow with all the Christmas colors. That way, your whole look is going to look fabulous this holiday season.

Wrapping Up!

While you ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’ and have ‘dreams of a white Christmas,’ prepare your holly jolly simple eyeshadow looks since ‘Santa baby,’ is not gonna help you with that.

So now that we have prepared you a list of beautiful eyeshadow looks and colors, you can now joy this merry season, looking your best self.

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