Skill To PHP: Convert Skill To PHP Live Today!

Skill To PHP Convert Skill To PHP Live Today!

Trading in crypto coins has been the latest investment trend that has shook the world by storm. Ever since the rise of Bitcoin, Etehreum, and more amidst the Covid pandemic, new crypto tokens are being mined every day.

One such NFT based Crypto that has made many interested (especially gamers), is SKILL by Cryptoblades. This has attracted the many gamers from the Philipines, which is why they wish to know SKILL to PHP conversion. If you wish to learn the same, then simply read this post till the end.

What Are Cryptoblade Skill Tokens?

What Are Cryptoblade Skill Tokens

If you want to play a game where you play the game to earn money, have a look at Cryptoblade. This is an online browser-based game where you create an NFT-based character that also equips NFT-based weapons as well.

When it comes to its NFT chain, Cryptoblade is primarily based on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). In addition, it also operates on other NFT chains like HECO (HT), OKC (OKT), POLY (MATIC), and AVAX. You can switch between all the NFT chains whenever you feel like it by converting it in-game.

If you wish to earn money playing Cryptoblade, then you have to use weapons to defeat various enemies. The stronger enemies you kill, the better SKILL tokens you will get. Once you get enough crafting materials (also dropped by enemies in-game), you can build new NFT weapons out of it.

After you have created the NFT weapon, you can trade it in the NFT marketplace if you want. The better weapons you have created here, the higher value will that weapon fetch. Therefore, stronger weapons in Cryptoblades mean higher profits for you!

The team behind Cryptoblade consists of

  • Philip Devine (CEO)
  • Nick Newcomer (COO)
  • Isanel Lanz (CMO)
  • Daniel Karsai (Blockchain Developer)
  • Erik Lagerway (CSO)

Cryptoblade Skill Token Value

Cryptoblade Skill Token Value

When it comes to the Cryptoblade SKILL Token value, it’s currently priced at $81.59. Here are some statistics regarding the Skill Crypto price:

  • Current Price: $81.59 (4,457.59 PHP)
  • Total Market Capital: $48,632,361 (2,656,980,410.87 PHP)
  • Market Capital Dominance: 0%
  • Total Trading Volume: $33,327,823 (1,820,832,281.78 PHP)
  • Market Capital To Volume: $0.6722 (36.72 PHP)
  • Lowest Price (24 hours): $52.29 (2,856.81 PHP)
  • Lowest Price (7 days): $6.95 (379.71 PHP)
  • Lowest Price (all time): $0.69 (37.70 PHP)
  • Highest Price (24 hours): $83.01 (4,535.17 PHP)
  • Highest Price (7 days): $81.59 (4,457.59 PHP)
  • Highest price (All time): $83.01  (4,535.17 PHP)
  • Overall Cryptocurrency Market Capital Rank: #409

Cryptoblade Skill Token Supply

Cryptoblade Skill Token Supply

Just like all other cryptocurrencies, the supply of Cryptoblade skill coins in the market are limited.

Therefore, here are some data regarding the total circulation of Skill tokens in the crypto marketplace:

  • The total maximum supply of SKILL tokens: 1,000,000
  • The total circulating supply of SKILL tokens:  702,317.87 SKILL

Cryptoblade Skill Token Price Predictions

Many cryptocurrency analyses have predicted what Cryptoblades Skill to PHP prices will be in 2024. While these are not set in stone, there is a high probability the proof will be around these figures.

MonthPrice (in $)Price (in PHP)
January 2023 (Current Price)81.594,457.59
January 2024209.6911,456.20
February 2024185.0610,110.57
March 2024200.8110,971.05
April 2024186.0710,165.75
May 2024194.7910,642.16
June 2024209.3511,437.63
July 2024217.9611,908.03
August 2024155.928,518.53
September 2024168.739,218.39
October 2024204.9611,197.78
November 2024213.5811,668.73
December 2024205.3711,220.18

How To Buy Skill Tom PHP Tokens?

How To Buy Skill Tom PHP Tokens

Apart from playing the NFT game Cryptoblade, you can separately buy the Skill to PHP tokens as well. It’s pretty easy to do so.

To buy convert Cryptoblade Skill to PHP tokens, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, you need to get yourself registered on a Crypto Exchange platform. There are currently many such platforms from which you can choose. However, I would recommend registering with Binance here as they make SKILL to PHP trading easier.
  2. The next step is to invest some money in cryptocurrencies. To do so, you have to first buy coins of ETH (Etherium) or BTC (Bitcoin) by using your credit or debit card.
  3. Now, after you have bought these super expensive coins, it’s time to go to the Exchange section of the platform you are using.
  4. Here, in the exchange option, you have to select which coins you want to convert to which coin. Here. select ETH/BTC to SKILL.
  5. Finally, click on Finalize Trade to finalize the trade!

In the end, check your cryptocurrency wallet once to check whether the trade/conversion has been registered or not.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Many crypto-traders have various questions regarding Skill to PHP conversion. Here are the answers to some of their queries made in Google:

Q1. Is SKILL Listed On Binance?

Ans: Unfortunately, Cryptoblades SKILL is not listed on Binance. Therefore, instead of Binance, you have to use other crypto exchanges like MEXC, ApeSwap, Pancakeswap, and Gate.

Q2. Is It A Good Choice To Buy Cryptoblades For SKILL?

Ans: According to most crypto investment experts, it’s not a good idea to invest in Cryptoblades SKILL yet as of 2003. Here, these experts claim that the risks of suffering losses far outweighs the profits buying them.

Q3. Who Is The Founder Of Cryptoblades?

Ans: Philip Devine, is the founder of Cryptoblades and SKILL. He is also the creator of Riveted Games since 2014, who are the developers of Cryptoblades.


You should learn SKILL to PHP conversion if you are from the Philipines and wish to trade SKILL tokens. All the conversion charts have been provided above, which should give you a clear idea as to what the prices of SKILL tokens in PHP are.

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