What Happens In Table Shower Massage?

table shower

If you have never had a table shower then chances are you really do not know exactly what this is. In fact, many people are always confused by many people not knowing exactly what it is.  That said, this is exactly what this discussion is all about.  

From the discussion, you are going to understand exactly what a table shower and how it works.  At the end of the day, you will have the best knowledge of what exactly a table shower is and how it works.  To start you off, you need to understand exactly what is a table shower.  

Table shower which is also known as a body scrub or wash massage is a form of massage.  This kind of message, unlike the others, offers the best invigorating and relaxing experience. Other than just the normal message pampering known to many this kind of massage has much more to offer.  

Even though there are a good number of people who have heard about table showers, they still do not have a perfect idea of it.  You might have heard about the other forms of massage but this one is not known to many.  As such, even those people who head to table showers do not know exactly what it is or what to expect during these sessions.  

What Is A Table Shower?

A table shower is also called a vichy shower. You have to take a table bath here while several shower heads stay affixed to a metal bar. The bar remains suspended on top of a massage table, but the table is waterproof. The shower is a hydrotherapy component that you receive during a full body treament at a table shower spa.

Table Shower Massage-How Does It Work? 

table shower

If you go to many massage spas you are likely to be met by individuals as well as private shower rooms.  When you get to these rooms you can receive your table shower if that is exactly what you need.  Even though the setups in these rooms can differ from one place to the other, the basics of all things remain the same.  

Virtually, one of the things you do not expect to miss out on in these places is a table in the center room.  This table is normally fitted with a waterproof covering which in most cases is always a plastic material. In many cases the people doing the massage place fresh towels on the table for hygienic purposes.  

If you go to some shower rooms you will find heads right above the table.  These showerheads offer the recipient a water-based massage or even in some cases a cascading rain effect.  In some other places, you will find some hand-held showers used for table shower sessions.

Do You Need To Wear Anything During The Table Shower Massage? 

Before heading to any shower massage, it is essential for you to inquire about the appropriate dressing. To put it correctly, various massage sessions come with their own ways of dressing.  As for the table shower massage, you are not expected to be put on anything.  

However, the state laws dictate that you need to be covered at all times during these sessions. Some massage regulations also make it mandatory for you to be covered during these sessions. In some places, you might be required to be covered by a sheet during the massage session. 

The standard dressing though during massage sessions is having your private sessions draped with a towel.  In a nutshell, different places come with their own regulations when it comes to massage. This, therefore, makes it somehow hard to give a proper estimate of how exactly people ought to dress during table showers.  

What Are The Things Needed In A Table Shower Massage? 

There are some things about table shower massage that still remain unknown to many.  For instance, people hearing about this type of massage for the first time do not know exactly what its contents are.  As such, it is also essential to shed some light on what exactly a table shower massage together with its contents is.  

The good thing about a table shower massage is that it comes with immense benefits to your skin.  At the end of these sessions, you will be left so clean with an amazing feeling that you are scrubbed from head to toe. This process is normally conducted using an exfoliation sponge.  Exfoliation in case you do not know what it is in the process of removing dead skin from the body to expose fresh cells.  

By doing so, you will be able to prevent acne and also help to improve the overall appearance of your skin.  Once you face down, the person handling this process will shower you with water to certain temperatures.  In most cases, the temperature is always set to the levels of your liking.  

This means depending on the temperature you prefer; you will be able to get that perfect.  Once this happens, the scrubbing will begin which is conducted using gentle strokes. This process is not just good for cleansing your skin but also helps you to increase blood circulation as well. 

What Are The Right Places For Table Showers? 

If you want a table shower, you need to head to the right location where you can acquire these services.  However, not knowing where this location it might be somewhat a pain to you. Fortunately, there are places that you can go to if you need the best table shower.  

For instance, you can head to your local health spa for these services or even a parlor.  If you are in America, you can head to the Asian massage facilities for these services, they offer the best.  There are also other places that you can go to which are equally good at the delivery of these services as well.  

If you are not aware of a place then you can enquire about a table shower near me and get some guidelines on the same.  The good thing though is that there are many places you can head to for these services.  You can never fail to miss out on a joint if you need any. 


We have talked a lot about asian massage table shower till now. So, if you have some additional question on this topic, you can check the FAQ section;

1: What Are The Benefits Of Table Shower?

Ans: You face the purported healing benefits of water in a table shower, which energizes your body in a new way. It is especially ideal for messy treatments like mud wraps, or body scrubs where the client needs to rinse the product off of its body. It also relaxes your body, boosts your immunity, and works as a painkiller for headaches, depression, arthritis, fatigue, acne, etc.

2: What Is The History Of Asian Table Shower?

Ans: Legends say that Julius Ceaser discovered the therapeutic water of spring while he was on a conquest to Greek. His hard-ridden horses drank the Vichy water, and got back their strengths. By the 16th century, the Romans discovered the benefits of thermal springs, which may be the reason behind original table showers.

3: How Are Chakras Important In Table Shower Spas?

Ans: In some asian massage table showers, the shower heads are designed to align with the 7 chakras of your body. Each chakra will represent one energy centre in your spine, and the water will stimulate your energy, and will clean your aura. If you believe in chakras, you should certainly give table shower a try.


A table shower massage is without any doubt the best form of massage you can ever find anywhere.  It is refreshing, healthy, and also good for your skin.  The text above talks of how you can undertake this massage and in which manner. If you want to know more about this topic, you can reach us in the comment section.

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