The Venus Factor Review; An Extraordinary product for weight loss

When was the last time you said “Hey let’s have a pizza” while you were losing weight? Weird right? Not anymore. In a world full of cumbersome diet plans, fake pills, and shady trainers, the Venus Factor provides a holy grail towards weight loss.

In our enthusiastic venture towards exploring this weight loss product, we found promising results. The Venus Factor program provides the perfect combination of supporting elements for women. Throughout this comprehensive review, we will be dealing with the following two objectives.

  • The pros and cons of Venus Factor as compared to other weight loss product in the market
  • Does Venus Factor actually contribute towards losing weight?

The Venus Factor promise to its customers

Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a product without finding out how it works right? Well you’re in luck. The Venus Factor is a creation of John Barban who has made audacious claims for his weight loss product. The weight loss product is ideally designed for women who are committed, aspirant, and eager to lose weight; fast. To save you the trouble, the Venus Factor offers the following functionalities.

  1. Natural weight loss without additional or shady supplements
  2. Natural toning of the body
  3. Burning excess Fat whilst allowing Leptin resistance
  4. A cohesive weight loss diet and pattern without physical exercise
The Venus Factor Before and After

What will you get after the initial purchase?

In all our years of reviewing products, we’ve found people who rip off customers with high prices, low quality, and a small bag of beans (passing off as weight loss product). John Barban, however, has openly challenged this ideology with his weight loss program. The initial purchase of the Venus factor provides different elements.

Upon opening your box, you’ll be greeted with a manual designed for optimized weight loss initiative. The box also contains a 12 week fat burning program, access to an expert, company certified nutritionist, and a mobile application. Lastly (You’ll love this one), the Venus Factor also holds strong online presence through communities where ideas and experiences are shared.

The uniqueness promised by Venus Factor

There’s a saying which goes “You can’t blend in where you’re born to standout” we believe it fits rights in the arsenal of Venus Factor.

Supporting customers by providing weight loss frameworks

The weight loss product does not blubber about its uniqueness, instead, it focuses on supporting scientific evidence. The Venus Factor focuses on caloric deficit in the body which occurs due to natural consumption. The deficit helps to explain the total calories intake of the body against the amount being burnt by the body. The initial product by John Barban explains this caloric difference to be a simple phenomenon. It solely works on the natural will-power of women to consume low calories and burn natural body fat. In addition to this information, the Venus Factor also provides monumental information about Macro-nutrients. This is advocated by teaching customer about weight loss hormones in the body as well.

Venus Factor enhances your deep love with unhealthy food items

This might sound weird or contradictory, but the weight loss product is different as compared to other market items. We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t eat Pizza, Don’t eat Burgers, watch your weight” and don‎’t you just hate it? Good news, Venus Factor improves your weight loss by providing optimized diet patterns. These patterns work by allowing consumers to have Junk foods and not skip out eating out; while losing weight (Win-Win Situation).

The weight loss product provides baby steps for its followers

The awful thing about other products is their untoned and homogeneous approach towards the entire process. We’ve reviewed and experienced companies which provide monotonous statements, restrictions, and attitude regarding queries. Fortunately, Venus Factor stands firm on its promise for friendly and natural weight loss measure.

  • John Barban offers standardized meal plans to the customers allowing their queries to be answered along with the inclusion of junk foods
  • The Venus Factor contains easy exercises, allowing users to mimic trainers and burn excess fat off from their bodies
  • A feasible and user friendly mobile application which tracks down calorie intakes and advocates a broad video library for the users.

The Venus Factor adds “Real” in Reality

If you’re reading “weight loss in just 14 hours” “Take our pill, it’s the best in the market” “we’ve made our pill using molecular science and tears from fairies” (Okay, we might have made that one up) chances are, you’re in for a scam. Weight loss is a simple, stratified, and cohesive process which cannot work with a magic wand. The pills readily available in the market, endorsed by other companies, focus on fast magic. These companies provide easy access and alluring statements to troubled women. Venus Factor, however, embarks on a more holistic and realistic approach. Firstly, it focuses on real timelines and tracks the entire activity of the consumer. Secondly, it adjusts to the changing nature of the consumer rather than being steadfast. Lastly, Venus Factor improvises on stability, constant nature, and educates the consumer regarding consistency of approaches. Until and unless the weight loss product markets a magic wand, we safely promulgate it to be a safe investment.

Why do women get to have all the fun?

We know what you might be thinking, why this weight loss product panders to women only and does not appeal to men? Well, it’s time for a quick biology class, buckle up.

In order to understand weight loss, you first need to understand what actually constitutes the entire process in the body. The body programs weight loss through leptin which is hormone related to metabolism rates. This existence of this hormone is directly proportional to the metabolism rates. If the hormone increases, so does the metabolism rates, hence weight loss is optimized. Considering the case of women, there are different types of issues related to leptin in the female anatomy.

  • The natural occurrence of leptin in the female body is twice as compared to men which remains untapped. In simpler words, female’s bodies are least responsive to the hormones thus developing leptin resistance. This naturally and scientifically proves serious weight loss potential to exist.
  • The second complication involves the dieting plan which causes leptic to drop twice as compared to men. This also causes a rebound which causes women to gain weight faster when they leave their diet, and well, much on other things. 

These challenges make it impossible for women to show commitment towards different types of plans in general. This is where Venus Factor comes in and saves the day. The 12 week programs initiated by John Barban promises 10 pounds of weight loss. This works because Venus Factor taps into the natural weight loss loopholes in the body. These loopholes allow Venus Factor to improve metabolism rate, increase leptin override process, and target specified areas. If you still not convinced, Venus Factor allows you to continue eating junk foods and lose weight, what more do you want from life?

Venus Factor is not perfect, it’s only a program after all

When we promise a brutal review, we ensure to bring out the best and worst aspects of the product in the eyes of consumers. Venus Factor offers an intensive course of action for 12-weeks through its supporting elements. The weight loss program, however, has its short-coming as the following:

No Gym? No fun.

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program which has accelerated its growth in reference to providing simple yet crucial benefits. The weight loss product is on the verge of growing its potential due to its promise of quality.

However, the product faces various types of shortfalls which can account to its limitations. The video library offered through Venus Factor has different types of exercises which require weights. This makes it mandatory for people to have gym based subscriptions. The exercises cannot be pulled off without free weights thus leaving the program to be limited. Ideally, this would discourage many people from the program but there’s a silver lining. The Venus Factor offers body weight type of exercises as well which require zero free weights. You might be wondering about John Barban’s offer about zero exercise weight loss maybe? Don’t worry, we got you covered. The exercise is not mandatory Venus Factor program, it’s just used to speed up the weight loss process.

What’s the word on the street?

When we provide reviews, there’s always one thing we worry about, the customer reviews about the product. The reviews are important because they help to streamline the process and provide physical experiences. This motivated us to put on our thinking caps and explore the internet to find unbiased, uncontrolled, and general customer reviews.

Sarah (Buyer from Amazon)

“Great system. Follow the directions exactly or you won’t have as positive of results. I lost 25 pounds”

Patricia (Get used)

“I’m very happy to say that John Barban’s weight loss program has worked amazing. I weighted my self yesterday, I’ve dropped almost 80 pounds in these 12 weeks”

You know what they say, a satisfied customer is the best possible strategy in the world of business and we proudly congratulate Venus Factor for this brave step. Moreover, John Barban and his experience are an added on privilege in the weight loss product.

The necessary bottom line for Venus Factor

The review cannot be compiled without our side of the bottom line and necessary precautions while entering the program. Weight loss is a measure which works on dedication, commitment, and aesthetics. If a women lacks all of these qualities, you might have better luck with other products in the market (the magic pills obviously). The Venus Factor allows women to consume their favorite foods on a planned timeline. The timeline is created by intensive research in order to increase metabolism boost.

Our reviews and research has revealed various people complaining about SPAM email from the Venus Factor address. These emails are designed to sell different types of additional supplements which allow weight loss. We strongly recommend using emails which are dormant instead of your work or personal address. Let’s face it, it’s a harsh world, everyone wants to make a living and so does Venus Factor.

The Final Verdict?

The perfect life is a myth, acquired by few, and aspired by millions, but that doesn’t stop us from motivating people through words. If you still want to waste your hard earnings on magical pills, 14 hour weight loss solutions, and scam weight loss products, be our guest. If you’re a women who wants her life to change, choose Venus Factor. If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight, be committed, and follow a systematic path, choose Venus Factor. It’s time to buckle up, get set, and show condescending person your true potential.

How to get in the weight loss bandwagon?

If you’re one of the enlightened ones and want to bring positive change in your life, you can access Venus Factor from the following link. If you, however, change your mind after purchase, relax, Venus Factor offers 100% cash back guarantee under 60 days off the purchase.

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