Tops Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Companies Worldwide

Tops Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Companies Worldwide

In the last few years, especially after the rise of the Covid pandemic, the pharma industry completely changed. After the coming of the Coronavirus pandemic, the biopharma industry came with a lot of responses to fight the pandemic. Hence, we have decided to provide you with a brief detail of the tops Covid vaccine manufacturers in the world.

In this article, you will get a short idea of the names of Covid vaccines that are considered good-performing in the world, as well as their manufacturers. This will give you a better idea of the best CVS booster shots on the market. So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

Best Covid Vaccine Manufacturers – “Tops Covid Vaccine”  

The following are the best vaccine manufacturers that came up with Covid vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Pfizer  

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Pfizer, along with BioNTech, came up with one of the first vaccines for Covid-19, and it helped in raising the revenues of the company by a lot. The vaccine is called Comirnaty, and it is now allowed to be used in infants that are even six months old. Apart from the Covid vaccine, Pfizer has developed vaccines for other cases like smallpox, polio, and pneumonia.

It also collaborated with BioNTech for the research of mRNA vaccines for cases of influenza. According to Fierce Pharma,

As for Pfizer’s vaccine future outside of Comirnaty, the company has a few promising projects in the pipeline. It recently posted positive phase 3 data for its respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, joining the race to carve out a space in the hot market.”

2. BioNTech  

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In the last few years, BioNTech really upped its game, as it was a partner to both Pfizer and Moderna. It also got authorizations for mRNA shots for Covid vaccines. In 2021, BioNTech’s Comirnaty helped the company in achieving sales of €19 billion.

As per the sources of Pharma IQ,

Through its FixVac (which stands for ‘fixed vaccine’) platform, BioNTech is leveraging antigens specific to each type of cancer, particularly targeting patients with the advanced, hard-to-treat disease.”

3. Sinovac  

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This is the biggest vaccine firm from China, and it quadrupled its sales in 2021 with its Covid vaccine named CoronaVac. This is the main vaccine which got administered to the Chinese population as well by the Chinese government.

According to Fierce Pharma,

Sinovac recently got approvals to start clinical trials of its omicron booster in China and Chile. It’s also working on a trivalent vaccine targeting the original coronavirus strain along with the delta and omicron variants.”

4. Moderna  

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This is one of the key manufacturers of the Covid vaccine. In 2022, the company announced that its vaccine is showing better results after targeting the omicron variant of Covid-19, in comparison to the earlier Covid vaccine it produced.

As per the data from its own website,

Moderna cashed in on its promise in 2021, racking up vaccine sales of $17.67 billion, which accounted for most of the company’s $18.47 billion in total revenues.”

5. Merck & Co.  

Merck & Co.
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This is one of the vaccine giants in the world. However, it joined the Covid vaccine race quite late in 2021. However, there is no shortage of sales of its vaccines. According to Fierce Pharma,

Merck’s Gardasil continued its dominance of the HPV arena with $5.7 billion in sales last year, a major rebound from its performance in pandemic-addled 2020 when sales came in at $3.9 billion. Gardasil has continued to thrive in the first half of 2022 with sales of $3.1 billion.”

6. GSK  

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GSK is known for developing the first vaccine for malaria back in 2014. In September 2022, WHO approved the vaccine by GSK, where they partnered with Sanofi. Since India is one of the biggest pharma hubs in the world, GSK is trying to shift some of its productions there.

In 2022, according to Pharma IQ,

the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a single-vial version of GSK’s meningitis vaccine Menveo, which it hopes will be more convenient to administer than the original two-vial injection.”

7. Sanofi  

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When it comes to flu vaccines in the world, no manufacturer comes close to Sanofi. During Covid-19, it partnered with GSK to produce the Covid vaccine. However, FDA approved the vaccine late in 2022. The vaccine worked 100% against severe cases of Covid-19, which needed hospitalization.

8. AstraZeneca  

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This is one of the first companies that came up with the Covid vaccine. However, due to supply issues and some instances where some patients developed blood clots, it got rolled out. However, its Covid vaccine Vaxveria did not stand a lot of chance against the ones produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNtech. Furthermore, the vaccine also got many delays in delivery.

9. Johnson & Johnson  

Johnson & Johnson
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This is one of the biggest pharma companies in the world, and due to some initial problems with its Covid vaccine, its ranking got affected. According to Fierce Pharma,

The shot garnered the company $2.39 billion in 2021 sales, a respectable sum, but one that hardly moved the needle for a company that pulled down $93.77 billion across all its businesses last year.” However, the company later recovered with effective vaccine dosages.

10. Bavarian Nordic  

Bavarian Nordic
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Bavarian Nordic A/S is a vaccine manufacturer from Denmark and one of the first manufacturers to make the monkeypox vaccine as well as the smallpox vaccine. Their two dosages of the monkeypox vaccine were able to create enough antibodies to protect the suffering ones.

According to Pharma IQ,

Shortly after the WHO declared monkeypox a global health emergency, the pharma company received permission from the European Commission to officially label Imvanex as a suitable treatment in the European Union.”

It developed ABNCoV2 as a universal booster.

Summing Up  

Hope this list of tops Covid vaccine manufacturers helped you to know better about these pharma companies better. Many of the companies here were not even on the top list of vaccine manufacturers in the world, and after the pandemic, there got their edge. If you know more about some other important Covid vaccine manufacturers, consider giving us some information in the comments section.

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