VigRx Plus Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Results and Dosage

We bet you’ve heard the phrase “Find happiness in small things” well, we’re about to redefine this quote, Brace yourself! We might not accept this fact, but every once in a while, we’ve all looked down at our little buddy and thought to increase it in some way. If only pulling your penis could have worked, all those dick pics would not have gone to waste. The average length of a penis is around 5.1 inches when it’s fully erect. Our question is, why settle being an average man when you can become a champion with VigRX Plus? This natural and dietary based pill is the highest and safest penis enhancement pills available in the market.

The VigRX Plus has paved its way to becoming popular because it provides a healthy, safe, and natural alternative to prescribed products. We don’t know about you, but we get scared thinking about the impacts of Viagra. I mean, who wants to be known as the man who got infected while trying to increase his penis size? This VigRX Plus review is focused to discuss and bring light to various dimensions. This includes discussing and educating you about penis enhancement, VigRX Plus benefits, VigRX Plus ingredients, and VigRX Plus methodology.

However, before you venture through this VigRX Plus review, ask yourself this, are you ready to satisfy your partners to the next level? Are you ready to see your penis grow and become stable? Can you handle the new sex drive? If you’re mind answered yes to all these questions, it’s time we introduce you to VigRX.

What is VigRX Plus?

Philosophically, the VigRX Plus is a magical pill which helps you become a champion in bed and simply irresistible. The pill uses its instant power to shine light on your little soldier and shows him how to grow into a major. On a serious note, the pill is the world’s number 1 male enhancement product.

The pill has retained this grand status because of its agile performance, its ingredients, and the ability of causing zero side-effects. The Supplement is also the only enhancement pill which is clinically tested with public records in medical journals. The final testing of VigRX Pills has revealed the following results from various clinical trial.

  • 59% increase in the ability to penetrating sexual partners due to VigRX Plus.
  • 62% participants reported an increase in the ability to stabilize their erections.
  • Above 70% participants reported greater satisfaction in their sexual conduct by using VigRX Plus.
  • Around 50% participants found their sexual appetite and drive to increase monumentally due to VigRX Plus.

The test results indicate to be a strong alternative for pharmaceutical products and provides stronger, durable, and longer erections. The Pill is also clinically tested to provide increased orgasm by enhancing testosterone levels in the body. So there you go, the VigRX Plus is highly recommended by doctors and researchers in NY University and its medical departments. The pills work great for men who have the ability of dreaming big because once happiness cannot always be found in small things.

I don’t need VigRX Plus, I’m satisfied with my penis length

If you’re still struggling with this question, it’s like asking why I should bother with clean water, good air quality, or a better salary. It’s time we have the TALK. You see, during sexual intercourse, the penis has a very distinct function. That function is known as penetration and touching part in the vaginal areas which stimulate orgasm and pleasure. Now get this, when the size of the penis increases, the penetration becomes more plausible. This allows your partner to scream out your name and giving you the confidence boost you lacked before. Sexual satisfaction is directly related to different neurotransmitter release in the brain. These are known as dopamine which allow you to be happy, excited, joyful, and pleased. The VigRX Plus provides different types of enhancements such as the following:

  1. The VigRX Plus provides longer and quality erections.
  2. Increases sexual desires and allows prolonged ejaculations during intercourse.
  3. The VigRX Plus improves various dysfunctions related to premature ejaculation and erectile vulnerability.
  4. Clinically tested and aids libido formation in the body with due to organic and natural ingredients.
  5. The VigRX Plus pills Increases girth and penis length.
  6. Makes you the master of the sack.

VigRX Plus ingredients; the additives which derive male enhancement

The market is filled with various types of male enhancement products which promote penis growth and sexual durability. Have you ever pondered over the ingredients added into these pills? Or maybe how these pills provide fast action? The VigRX Plus ingredient list is comprised of reliable, safe, and stable compounds which are harmonious. The VigRX Plus ingredients are also balanced in order to achieve a mutual purpose; penis enlargement. We have carefully scrutinized the VigRX Plus ingredients in this review for your aid.

The Epimedium Extracts

The VigRX Plus pills contain Epimedium extracts which provide powerful and potent PDE-5 extracts associated with nitric oxide. This nitric oxide allows the corpus cavernosa muscles to relax and allow increased blood flow to the penis. The increase in blood flow and nitric oxide is similar to Viagra because of epimeium extracts. This increase also stimulates harder, quality, and longer erections.


The VigRX Plus ingredients contain damiana which is an infamous and ancient ingredient used for increasing sexual performance in males. The ingredient is directly related to increased testosterone production and longer orgasms. Its additions allows the VigRX Plus pills to increase your durability, performance, and sexual pleasure.

Ginkgo Biloba

Don’t let its name confuse you, the VigRX Plus ingredient is a powerful Chinese herb associated with curing different types of issues. This herb improves the antioxidants in the body and allows the body to fight off damaging cells. As a result, the body produces greater levels of stimulants which improve your sexual performance. Moreover, the herb also increases sexual conduct by increasing penis length, erectile strength, penetration power, and orgasm.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

This particular VigRX plus ingredient is also referred to as the root of erection because of its signature quality and functions. The extracts hold aphrodisiac properties which allows greater level of erectile strength. The extracts are fairly popular in the tribes of Brazil and have motivated various researchers to conduct practical experiments. One experiment in the year of 1992 on 260 participants revealed 62% participants who experienced advanced erectile quality. These participants also reported increased ability to perform in the bedroom and prolong orgasm due to the extracts.


Like we promised for this VigRX plus review, the inclusion of bioprene in the pills acts as a caring factor from the company’s side. The ingredient is essential because it enhances the body to abundantly absorb different types of nutrients. The absorption process allows the body to increase its stamina and power during sexual intercourse. This probably explains how VigRX plus is different from its market rivals; it actually cares for the body.

The down side of VigRX plus and its side effects?

If you consumed a penis enlargement pills and experienced redness of eyes, dizziness, flushing feeling, or the feeling to rip your penis apart, you’ve probably consumed the wrong product. We get it, many competitors in the market do not focus on customer health. These companies have probably made a fortune because of their false advertising. The VigRX plus acts different because it provides a range of healthy and organic ingredients. These additives are focused on natural enlargement of the penis and allow healthy blood flow to the muscles. So before you surround yourself with the thought of VigRX plus scams, have a look at our VigRX plus ingredients list to clear those doubts.

What should I expect using VigRX plus?

You should expect greatness to say the least and the ability to handle your partners because we’re sure they’ll fail to handle your new girth and length. We’ll make it simpler for you to understand and break down the entire process. We have always supported expectations because they allow trust to be built. This trust is necessary in order to allow VigRX plus to work its magic and instantaneous sexual enhancement.

The first month after using VigRX plus

Immediately after the first month of using the VigRX plus, you’ll notice considerable changes in your erection quality, penis size, and sex drive. These changes will allow you to make your partner scream for more.

The second month after using VigRX plus

This is the money shot month when you’ll finally notice yourself lasting longer in bed with your partners. The use of VigRX plus will allow your sexual desires to increase with enhancements for your penis, orgasm, and stamina.

The next month after using VigRX plus

If you really want to become a champion of the bed, you’ll need to be consistent with the VigRX plus dosage. This includes following the dosage and VigRX plus pills to the brim for at least three months. In the third month, you will automatically find your little soldier to be a major in the field. Your penis would be enlarged, provide greater erection and penetration forces, and would be rock solid.

What is the best VigRX plus dosage?

Right, since this VigRX plus review has clearly established the potential benefits of the pills and its working methods, it’s time to discuss the dosage. Now remember, haste takes the fun out of everything. I mean, we’re all hasty in the bed, trying to make our partner release before us and that too quickly. Many of us often fail to understand that this haste is joy and mood killer in real life and in your sex life. The VigRX plus dosage pattern is simple and slow because the pill needs time to settle in your body.

  • The ideal VigRX plus dosage is two pills per day
  • We highly recommend taking VigRX plus pills during meal intervals
  • The VigRX plus dosage should not be taken without checking from your physicians in the case of medical disparities and complications

How can you get your hands on the VigRX plus pills?

Is it just us or you people simply ask the best possible questions? Kidding. The manufacturers of the VigRX plus have taken proper precautions. These are important in order to increase reliability of the enhancement pills. The VigRX plus pills can be availed from the direct company’s official website. This might seem like a limitation, but trust us, you don’t want to try out fake products from shady websites. Visit the official link and start growing your buddy, it’s time to show your partner the new you.

What kinds of guarantee does VigRX plus offer?

Always remember, a good company will provide you with a money back guarantee after the first week, but the best company stands by its products even after months. If you find the VigRX plus pills to be non-satisfactory because you’re impatient, you can always return them. The company offers a complete 100% money back guarantee in a 67 days period. The company has initiated this policy to win the trust of customers. This offer can be availed even after consuming the entire product as well. So there you go, this is why we believe VigRX plus to be the number one male enhancement pills in the market.

How much does VigRX plus cost?

Many of us have made mistakes by investing in things which made us pay a fortune and we got returned with what? Scams? It takes great mental capabilities and sense to choose products which offer the right price and functions. The VigRX plus provides a similar investment but with a different narrative. enhancement pills work to improve your self-worth, your sexual performance, and confidence in life. The VigRX plus offers different types of packages which allow variations.

  • 1 box: $76.99
  • 2 boxes: $143.99
  • 3 boxes: $205.99
  • 4 boxes + FREE Bonus Gifts + FREE Shipping: $267.99 5 Boxes + Free Bonus Gifts +
  • FREE Shipping: $329.99
  • 6 Boxes + Free Bonus Gifts + FREE Shipping: $384.99
  • 12 Boxes + Free Bonus Gifts + FREE Shipping: $489.99

Our final verdict on the VigRX plus

Before we establish the final pros and cons of the VigRX plus, we ask you to judge this pill on its loss not its wins. When we talk about the loss, you’ll find them to be non-existent because the company has taken intensive measures.

Pros of the VigRX plusCons of the VigRX plus
The pill is circulating in the market for the last 17 years with the highest sales and testing ratesThe product is slightly expensive 
The VigRX plus pills is practically tested and clinically tried unlike others in the marketThe product is available online
The enhancement pills works to improve erectile qualityThere a lot of counterfeits available so beware.
Improves sexual stamina and performance Believe it or not, we found nothing else

We hope this VigRX plus review has changed your mind from being an average Jim in the bed to being a champion who makes his partner scream his name. We’ll obviously with pleasure, not pain.

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