What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft? A Beginners Guide

what does impaling do in Minecraft

No matter what your experience in Minecraft is, you will agree that there are some things that look strange and hard to understand.  The case is even worse for those people playing this game for the very first time.  For instance, if you stumble upon impaling in Minecraft then you might want to know what does impaling do in Minecraft.

This question has actually been asked so many times in the past.  Much as this is the case, the answers have not been coming out clearly. As such, it has become essential to try and provide as much information on this subject as it can get.  This is exactly what this text seeks to archive.  From the text, you are going to find answers to the question what does impaling do in Minecraft.  

What Is Impaling In Minecraft

Before looking at the role of impaling in Minecraft, it is important too, first of all, to understand what Minecraft is. Once you know what impaling is you will be in a much better position to take in an understanding in this regard.  

Impaling is an enchantment that is used for the trident.  Impaling was first introduced in 1.13 which came along with trident.  Given that impaling only works with trident means that it can only work with trident and nothing else.  The main objective of impaling is to add extra damage to each one of the hits you make on the aquatic mobs.  

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft? 

Having looked at what impaling is, it is essential now to look at what impaling does in Minecraft.  If you have been asking the question what does impaling do in Minecraft? This section of the text now looks at what exactly impaling does in Minecraft.  

The main role of impaling in Minecraft is to increase the damage to any of the hits made on the sea creatures.  These sea creatures include turtles, dolphins, and many other things about the same as well.  The only difference with impaling is that it behaves in a somewhat different manner from the other versions.  

In bedrock, for instance, all the players involved as well as mobs tend to receive damage anytime they are in the water during an attack.  However, in the ava edition, the players can only cause damage to the aquatic mobs as has been said before.  

Also, it is important to note that impaling enchantment does not add any extra damage to any drowned creatures.  You might be asking why this is the case.  Well, the reasons are quite simple to understand, drowned creatures are always classified as undead mobs and not aquatic mobs.  

Given that impaling only deals with aquatic mobs means that this enchantment can not have any form of impact on drowned impacts.  So, if you are using impaling then make sure you take note of this factor which is very important.  

Does Impaling Affect Players In Minecraft? 

Other than what does impaling do in Minecraft, the other question that has been asked several times is can impaling affects players in Minecraft.  Being this way, this discussion cannot go on to the last word without having to mention the issue of impaling on Minecraft players.

It is important to take note of the fact that impaling only affects sea creatures.  However, in the bedrock edition, combat test 4 applies to damage to all the players and mobs.  The damage will come in when any of the players come into contact with water be it seawater or even rainwater.  

Does Impaling Work On Drowned Creatures

The other question that comes out so well in this discussion is, does impaling work on drowned creatures.  The answer to this is very simple and it is a no.  Impaling does not have any form of effect on drowned creatures because drowned features are only classified as undead mobs.  

Being undead mobs and not aquatic means that impaling cannot have any form of impact on them.  However, any creatures that are not submerged but in water will definitely be damaged by impaling. This actually is the basic purpose of impaling in these games.  

How To Use Trident With The Use Of Impaling Enchantment?

As a Minecraft player, there are some things you need to know pretty well.  For instance, other than just asking what does impaling do in Minecraft, it is important to use trident with the use of an impaling enchantment.  Carrying out this process is much easier than many think.  

To use impaling on a trident, you only need an impaling to your trident.  Once you have done this, hold the trident right in your hand and then attack the sea creatures.  Doing so will enable you to use the power that you have just been granted by the impaling enchantment.  

Once you start using an impaling on your trident, you will be able to notice some differences.  For instance, the rate at which sea creatures die when using this enchantment is much higher. If you compare this rate to that where you attack these creatures without having an impaling enchantment you will see a significant difference.  

With an impaling enchantment on your trident, you will be able to accomplish a lot within a short period of time.  If you choose to work out this process without the use of an impaling on your trident then the process will be much harder for you.  This is why the use of an impaling is considered to be such a valuable tool throughout this game, do not ever leave this tool behind.  


If you have been asking the question what does impaling do in Minecraft then you need to read the text above. From the text, you are going to find so much information that is going to help you much in the Minecraft game.  

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