What Does Smite Do In Minecraft? A Beginners Guide

what does smite do in Minecraft
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Minecraft is a game that is played by quite a good number of people from across the world.  These huge numbers of people who play Minecraft are not just a testament to how good the Minecraft game is but also speak to its popularity.  However, Minecraft is not an easy game to play, there are some details to these games which are very complicated.  Once in a while, you might even find yourself asking what does smite do in Minecraft.

Smite is just one of the many details that are there in Minecraft. These details among others have proven to be somehow a mystery to some people.  As such, they have had to ask the question what does smite do in Minecraft. Well, if this is one of the questions you have been asking then this is the right article for you to read.  

The article talks about what Minecraft is and what exactly this feature does in Minecraft.  Also in the article, you will also find other details about this feature that you might not have known.  Read the text below for all the information you need in this regard.  

What Is Smite In Minecraft? 

Before looking at what smite does in Minecraft, it is essential to first all look at what smite is. This information will enable you to gain a much better understanding of exactly what smite is in Minecraft which will then help you know what it does.  

Smite is simply an enchantment just like the Impalling enchantment that is normally placed on an axe or sword in Minecraft. Once put in place, this enchantment increases the damage which is dealt with those mobs that are not dead.  However, you also need to know that smite just like any other feature in Minecraft is very much limited.

For instance, each level increased by a player adds an additional 2.5 damage on any hit a player makes on any undead mob. This is exactly where the to smite comes in with limitations where the highest level one can attain with smite is level 5.  

Therefore, if you have been wondering what smite is then you have the information you need in this regard.  The information also forms the basis of understanding exactly what smite is and what does smite do in Minecraft.

What Does Smite Do In Minecraft?

Having looked at what smite is, it is now time to look at what smite does in Minecraft.  Responding to the question what does smite do in Minecraft, this section of the text takes a look at the exact role of smite in Minecraft.  

The role of smite Minecraft enchantment is quite simple to use and easy to understand. It is used to make a damaging buff.  To be a bit more specific, the role of smite is to make sure that there is increased damage meted on the undead mobs in the Minecraft game. Even if you want to make concrete in Minecraft, you will need Smite enchantment. 

Smite comes with 5 levels which can only be applied to axes and swords only.  Each one of the subsequent levels that follows after the first level increases the damage by 2.5 going up.  This increase offers you as a player a boost in your chances of making a damaging strike that will even lead to death in the end. 

If you as a player chooses to use a diamond sword as a metric, the weapon will start base damage of 8 if you are using a bedrock edition.  When you get to smite I the base damage then moves up to 10.5. If you are using smite V which is then added to your sword, you get a total of 20.5 to your sword.  

Why Do You Need A Smite In Minecraft? 

Before asking what does smite do in Minecraft, there are some questions you need to be asking yourself first.  For instance, you might wonder why exactly you need a smite.  Clearly from the text above you can see that the purpose of smite in Minecraft is to inflict a damaging strike.  

As such, it is essential to take time and also look at why exactly you need smite in Minecraft. One thing you need to know is that there are so many undead mobs in Minecraft.  Being this way, it can be so easy for you to forget which ones of these mobs are dead and which are not.  

Clearly, there are many undead mobs in the Minecraft games.  Given that you can encounter some of these mobs later on in the game.  This is exactly why and how the smite tool in Minecraft comes in.  Given the role of this tool, in this game, it can only be regarded as one of the most valuable tools you can find in this game.  

The tool helps you to inflict damaging strikes which in turn results in the death of all the undead mobs.  By doing so, you will be able to eliminate any of these mobs meaning you do not have to worry about encountering them later on in the game.  


What does Smite do is a common question many Minecradt players have asked over the years. In this article, we have tried our best to answer that. But, you can also check the FAQ section if you have some other queries.

1: Can You Do Without Smite In Minecraft?

Ans: Ans: The answer to this question is a simple one, yes you can.  The only problem here is that you will encounter so many problems playing this game.  The undead mobs in this game can make it very hard for you to move when you need to. Even if you want to find the seed of  Minecraft server without OP, you will need enchantments, and Smite is one of them, so you will need Smite to play this game.

2: Is Smite Or Sharpness Better?

Ans: If you want to know what does the enchantment smite do, well its for dealing with the undead mobs, and ensuring maximum damage. Now, for the sharpness enchantment, we can say that it causes less damage. So, between smite, and sharpness, smite is always a better choice for enchantment.

3: Can You Put Smite On An Axe?

Ans: The smite enchantment weight is 5, and its maximum level is also 5. If you want to put smite on an axe, you can do that now with its latest upgrade. So, smite in Minecraft is quite a useful enchantment to ensure progress in the game.


If you have been asking what does smite do in Minecraft you need to be reading the text above.  From this text, you are going to find all the essential information you need in this regard.  You can refer to the comment section below if you have any questions in this regard.  

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