What Is Tutflix? Is It A Scam In 2022?


The online learning industry has lately undergone a strong boost after COVID-19. What’s better than staying indoors and enjoying the reading resources online, and scrolling through the different social media platforms while remaining safe from the Coronavirus monsters simultaneously? 

Needless to say that thousands of learning portals have been cropping up since 2019. Tutflix is one such website where you can watch and read courses for free. But is it safe or is it a scam? We will look for the answer in this blog. So stay tuned with us and keep reading till the end. 

What Is Tutflix Actually?

Before jumping on to anything else regarding Tutflix, let’s get a clear idea about it. What is it? In simple words, Tutflix is an online learning portal where you will get opportunities to watch free educational courses. These courses are basically audio and video learning materials on different topics and subjects. Their database has a myriad of educational videos you can access for free.

The portal claims to be one of the excellent choices for the learning of both young students as well as adults. Also, they state if you want to expand your knowledge base sitting at home, there’s no alternative to Tutflix. 

What Does Tutflix IO Have To Offer To The Community?

Tutflix describes itself as a place where anyone can learn courses and share relevant problems with the community. Your first step of the reading journey here is to register yourself with them with the correct details. Without creating an account, you won’t be able to see, download or save any of their courses.

So, fix your google play store error now and be set to download Tutflix.

Check the bullet points below to know what Tutflix has to offer you:

1. Huge Reading Repository

The reading database of Tutflic org is vast. There are a large number of course materials on different educational topics you can choose from.  

2. Free Access

This is the biggest benefit of using it – you don’t have to pay absolutely any amount for enjoying their services. Tutflix is a free reading website. 

3. No Controversial Content 

All the learning materials are here for educational purposes. The key objective is to enhance your expertise in different learning areas. There is no controversial content in this portal. 

4. Amazing Customer Service 

The way it handles users’  responses is amazing. After extensive research, we have found that they have a separate team for dealing with customer grievances. If you post a query, it’s likely you will get the responses within 48-72 hours.  

5. Impressive User Interface

The website also has a simple user interface. Also, their IT team consistently updates the interface to increase the engagement of the platform. 

6. Allowance To Udemy Coupons 

It allows users to share coupons, and claim courses on your Udemy account as well. This is a brilliant collaborative initiative undertaken by the team. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tutflix Io

Want to get a more in-depth view of the pros and cons of Tutflix? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Tutflix org in the table below:


  • Tutflix Website has a large number of reading materials. 
  • All the learning courses are free.
  • The User-Interface is easy to understand. 
  • Customer service quality is high. 
  • You will be able to use Udemy coupons here. 


  • The reading materials might contain malware.
  • The replies to customers’ problems come at a longer interval.
  • The site sometimes face internal errors and bug issues. 

What Are Some Alternative Websites Like Tutflix? 

Are you finding Tutflix not up to the mark or not meeting our expectations? No need to worry; here are the top 5 sites providing the same services that it provides:

  • Tutnetflix.com.
  • Course24h.com.
  • Coursestodownload.com.
  • Dlecourse.com.
  • coursed.com.

How To Report Grievances On Tutflix.com?

Not only Tutflix IO have a broad resource base but also their standard of customer service is quite impressive. If you have any issues with their portal or courses, let the team know through their Contact Portal. Responses will be delivered to you within a maximum of 48 hours.  

How Can You Help Tutflix Community?

It offers the readers a wonderful chance to support their community financially. 

By taking this initiative, you will be contributing directly to Tutflix server costs. This donation goes to the Tutflix server team and not any other 3rd parties.  

This is the link that I’m talking about: https://tutflix.io/donate

However, at present, their donation link is not working. As soon as it becomes accessible, we will update that in this guide.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

So, I believe you got to know what you were looking for. Now, when I am talking about it, it will be best to answer those most common questions people have asked me several times.

Q1. Is Turflix IO Free? 

Yes, unlike popular educational platforms like Coursera or Udemy, Tutflix Org is a site where you can access educational content for free. You do not need to pay even a single penny for reading on Tutflix. 

Q2. Are There Any Risks Involved With Tutflix Org? 

Tutflix website is not a risky one. However, since it’s not a profile with a high level of web security, the reading courses uploaded might contain malware. So before you download them on your device, it’s advisable to get good antivirus software added to your system.    

Q3.  Is Tutflix IO And Tutflic Org Same? 

Yes, Tutflix Org and Tutflix IO are both the same. Previously it was Tutflix IO, but recently, the domain name has changed to Tutflix Org.  Access this online library here: https://tutflix.org.  

The Verdict – Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down For Tutflix Org  

That’s all we had to say about Tutflix Org. We are delighted to say that it’s a THUMBS UP from our end for this learning hub. Most importantly, it’s NOT A SCAM! However, be careful while ingressing or saving the courses as there may be some malware concerns. Also, if you have any personal experience of using the website, do let us know in the comment area.

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