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Yandex games

People say that the requirements for gaming on the computer have increased significantly. This is because the newer AAA games on the market all require storage spaces of more than 100GB, and require high-end processors and graphics cards to play also.

However, indie game developers Yandex Games have decided to go the other way and create smaller games that you can play using your computer’s browser. No need for high-end systems to enjoy playing some smaller games. 

Best Yandex Games In 2022

The best Yandex games of 2022 are:

1. Battle Arena: RPG Online

Battle Arena: RPG Online

Fight Arena is an unbelievable mix of RPG and MOBA: a versatile game in the activity/strategic RPG type. Test your capacities as a leader and make a phenomenal group of legends! Rout rivals in web-based PvP fights and obliterate crowds of them in dazzling missions.

Game highlights:

  • Challenge players all over the planet. Train and enter the fight Arena, defeat adversaries and become the most elite.
  • Plunge into this amazing game and browse north of 80 distinct legends.
  • There are north of 60 astonishing areas: Elven Forests, Burning Lands of the orcs, gorges further and more gorgeous than the Grand Canyon, a drifting Arena, and the Cold Rocks of the little persons.
  • Play online with companions! Make a partnership with different players or join a current one. Exchange legends and hardware, talk with companions, share strategies, and partake in well-disposed battles.

2. Armed Forces

Armed Forces io

Venture into the boots of a trooper and battle for your life on our shocking new guides! Military io has something for everybody, with different game modes to browse. Whether you’re an accomplished veteran or a new enroll, we have the ideal game mode for you. So gear up, fighter, and prepare to shoot a few miscreants!

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3. Chess


Chess is multiple and a half thousand years of age and it is famous notwithstanding all that new that shows up around us – PCs, the Internet, interpersonal organizations. Presently you can play chess on your cell phone, tablet, or PC in this game on Yandex.Games.

This chess permits you to:

  • play online against different players.
  • play with the PC at various degrees of trouble.
  • play with a companion on a similar gadget.

How to play?

Pick a mode – playing with a PC, on the web, with a companion, or taking care of chess issues. A chessboard will open on the screen. Select with the mouse or by contacting the screen the figure you need to walk and the cell on the board where the figure will go. The move is made, best of luck with the game!

4. Om Nom: Run

Om Nom Run

Join Om Nom and Om Nelle as they race through the perilous roads of Norville: keep away from impediments, use enhancers to clear your direction, and open new characters!

  • Complete Different Missions: Cover specific distances, gather letters, perform trying tricks or run beyond what many would consider possible in perpetual mode to gather rewards.
  • Use Boosters And Power-Ups: Rockets, bounce shoes, magnets, and twofold coins will help you. Gather them while running and get additional focus!
  • Open Further Characters: many cool characters and outfits are ready to be opened!
  • Find Great Locations: Run through occupied roads, over rooftops, through burrows, and other beautiful levels!
  • Climb The Best List: Get the best score in customary contests and get to the top!

Instructions to play

Utilize the enhancers as shrewd as conceivable to investigate the delightful world with all it’s lovely regions, yet know about the risks that hide within them.

5. Operation Yolka

Operation Yolka

You need to go on an excursion for the Christmas tree outfitted with just a spade. Impact your direction through snowdrifts, live snowmen, and kamikaze hares. Believe that all that will end well!

The spade can be utilized as a skirmish weapon as well as to make ways and make cover during a snow battle. Furthermore, if it’s not too much trouble, be cautious with explosives!

Step by step instructions to play

  • Your undertaking is to track down the Yolka and make the way back with it through the snow and hordes of foes.
  • You have some control over the legend from the console (bolts – walk, Z – toss, X – activity with a spade, ESC – stop/menu) or virtual buttons on the screen.
  • Your best time will be saved money on the worldwide list of competitors.
  • The Demoman mode will open up in the wake of finishing the game.

6. Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

Your lowland is getting through an attack! Get a weapon and defend your home from the going after monsters, as furious zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, and untouchables, and that is only the start!

Compose a technique! Shoot weapons. Beat the monsters. Persevere through the attack and secure your home. The vindictive monsters could know no generosity, yet you can beat them all – every single monster is a silliness challenge!

We have dangerous, flamethrowers, crossbows, mass throwers, Molotov blended beverages, and something different for you to use against the zombie-style critters! So plan to shoot! Set up your attack! Besides, shield your home as you play the best action stuffed shooter game around!

7. Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery

Bank theft is most certainly not a basic matter. A loving gathering, extraordinary stuff, and particularly picked techniques are the keys to advance.

Lead the assault and hit it enormously, nonetheless, be ready, no one will give you cash without any problem.

Directions to play

  • Advancement – WASD.
  • Shooting – Left mouse button.
  • Pointing – Right mouse button.
  • Weapon change – Mouse wheel.
  • Skip – Space.
  • Hunch – C.
  • Run – Left shift.

8. Highway Traffic

Highway Traffic

You ought to just make an effort not to collide with various vehicles and accumulate anything number concentrations as would be judicious. You have access to you various vehicle models, four game modes, 3 environment decisions, and smooth vehicle controls.

Highlights Of This Game:

  • Various vehicle models.
  • Three environment decisions.
  • Four game modes.

Guidelines to play:

  • Pick the game mode, take the vital vehicle or buy another, and hit the road on the thoroughfare.

The Controls:

  • W or down bolt – accelerate.
  • A, D, or left/right bolt – control the vehicle.
  • Space bar – handbrake.

9. Hero 5: Katana

Hero 5 Katana

You guaranteed your family that the dispute was finished. Nonetheless, the genuine battle has come to your doorstep. An adjoining bundle chose to extend their assets and assume control of your old region. 

You ought to pick between limited decisions. Your family is in danger. Take your hereditary katana in your grasp. Rout all adversaries that undermine your loved ones. Strike enemy samurai and cut their bodies. 

Squash upheld adversaries by wiping out their heads. Make a long-range toss at ninjas who mask on roofs and toss shurikens. Save your country!


  • Obliteration of enemies.
  • Reasonable material science.
  • The environment of middle age Japan.
  • Penchant outlining advancing collaboration.
  • Novel adversaries.
  • Great plans.
  • Obliging association.

How to play:

  • LMB (Hold) – Sword Attack.
  • RMB + Aim on Enemy – Throw on Target.
  • Move Mouse – Look around.
  • WASD – Movement.
  • Space (Hold) – Jump.
  • Shift – Run.

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10. Money Movers

Money Movers

Call a companion and join the game Money Movers 3 Guard Duty. Just now you need to play not on risky lawbreakers who got away from jail. You are a safety officer and his unwavering canine, who should get regulation violators and return them to imprison where they should be.

The most effective method to play

The primary level of the game is preparing. Focus on the spray painting – there are soft spots there!

To capture hoodlums, first, kill them with a laser or canine yapping.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Is Yandex Games Free To Play?

Yes, all games on Yandex Games are free to play. These are all games made by indie developers and published on this website so that users can play them for free. 

Q2. Do You Need To Create An Account To Play On Yandex Games?

Bo, you do not need to create an account to play any game on Yandex games. However, you will have to register with your email ID if you wish to save your scores on the scoreboards. 


Yandex Games has become one of the most popular gaming platforms on the internet. Its ever-expansive roster of free-to-play indie games leaves nothing to be wished for. From action games to adventure games, you will be able to find all kinds of indie games for free over here. 

This website has many great games like Armed Forces, Chess, Hero 5: Katana, Swamp Attack, Money Movers, Operation: Yolka, and more. All these games can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from kids to adults.


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