The secret correlation between Zinc and Erectile Dysfunction

Your penis might be suffering from various issues, but ED is probably the last one you would want to experience. Erectile Dysfunction is one of the leading issues in various countries around the world because of its impacts. This is also classified as impotence where the participant has sexual inabilities such as erectile disorders. The reason why this ED is intensively researched on is because it can cause both physical and psychological imbalance. These impacts have the potential of destroying your mental health as well. This review is focused to explore the role and impacts of Zinc oxide and how it functions in the body.

What is Zinc Oxide?

In retrospect, Zinc is a mineral which is used by the body to metabolize various types of nutrients and help in cell division or production. This shows how the mineral is automatically associated with bodily enhancement and hormone production. Zinc oxide is one the inorganic compounds, which help us living a healthy life. Being insoluble in water, the nutrient is commonly found in white powder formation. It is present in nature in the form of a mineral called Zincite. However, synthetic methods are used to get a large amount of the mineral. Along with its medical uses, zinc oxide also plays a part in our appliances. Thin film transistors, Light-emitting diodes, heat-protecting windows, energy saving windows, transparent electrodes in Liquid crystal displays are some of the major uses of Zinc oxide.

The useful features and advantages of Zinc

Within the last 40 years or so, researchers have found a number of physiological and biochemical properties of zinc oxide. Being a mineral, zinc oxide is a true gift from nature. The main use of zinc oxide is for the treatment of the skin diseases. With its activity of killing bacteria, it has found many uses in the conditions where skin is hurt by the bacterial activity. This activity is also supported by enhancing the body’s ability to grow insulin. This insulin acts to prevent excessive sugar creation in the blood. The breaking down of carbohydrates allows the body to decrease Iron in the blood and hence promote hormone production.

Some other uses and advantages of Zinc are as follows:

  • It increases the body’s immune system by raising the defensive levels
  • It allows increased cell production and break down of carbohydrates
  • If zinc is administrated or ingested for a period of constant 5 months, it helps with common cold issues
  • Reduces the size of skin pores to counter Acne related issues
  • Increases blood flow and testosterone production in the body thus allowing stronger erections

What happens when you go low on Zinc?

This might come as a surprise but the body becomes extremely futile and vulnerable when it loses different types of essential elements. This is mainly because the body needs a combination of different elements to survive. These elements provide energy which is used to function various types of activities. Now let’s break this down into simple terms, sexual conduct and activity also requires great amount of energy. If your body lacks the supporting elements, it can lose it conducts as well. Zinc deficiency can cause considerable types of damages which are extremely prominent in different people.

The results of Zinc Deficiency in the body:

  • Various studies have shown it can result in Hypogonadism
  • Slow growth in the body with reference to muscle and bone development
  • Negative type of weight loss
  • Lack of food ingestion and appetite due to Zinc deficiency
  • Increased chances of erectile dysfunction

The correlation between Zinc and Erectile

When we speak of low zinc levels in the body, we automatically draw a correlation between sexual performance and arousal. A popular study conducted in 1996 shows the evident results of low zinc levels in the body and how they affect testosterone production. The hormone is highly important because it provides sexual energy. This includes the release of blood to the penis which hardens due to muscle relaxation. The results of the study shows testosterone decrease in 75% of the men who were given low levels of zinc. This study also showed an alternative pathway of treating elder men with high zinc diets. The result? The elder men experienced increased testosterone production in the body.

This mainly works because the zinc oxide nutrient and mineral has the ability to release various types of oxides. Since this is also classified as an amino acid, the blood levels and flow increases in various reasons. When zinc increases hormone production in the body, the results show decreased erectile dysfunction results. Along with this value adding feature, you’re body also becomes prone to diseases and acne.

The viable solution?

Erectile Dysfunction is certainly a menace and can result in drastic changes in your life which are without a doubt; harmful. These conditions have the potential of hurting your sex life and confidence in terms of sustaining or having an erection. The libido, in this case, is the most important organ found in the male anatomy. This organ is responsible for controlling sex related desires and performances. When zinc is reduced in the body, it causes the libido to become weak because testosterone production is also altered. Administrating at least 5 mg per day of zinc can enhance libido function and boost testosterone in no time.

The mineral does not affect the libido only, there are other types of functions as well:

  • Reduced blood pressure and Iron constituents in the blood
  • Increased cell production and energy breakdown in the body
  • Controls increased sugar levels
  • Deals with depression and anxiety

There are various types of ingredients which are naturally combined with Zinc such as L-taurine, Bioprene, and Horny Goat weed as well. The combined impact of all these supplements increases testosterone production and libido formation.

Side-Effects and Final words on Zinc

The good thing about these type of minerals is their enhanced capability to improve body function with complete safety and organic techniques. If you suffer allergic reactions due to Zinc usage, it is advised that you seek medical help. Apart from this issue, there are no side effects reported for Zinc in the body. This element works great for libido formation, testosterone production, and sex drive. In conclusion, it’s safe, organic, and a natural gift from Mother Nature which is commonly found in various supplements and food items.