How Old Was Jesus When He Died

How Old Was Jesus When He Died

As the Easter holiday draws closer, many people might begin to wonder about some of the less considered facts about the life of Jesus Christ. For instance, questions like how old was Jesus when he died or was born have been around us for a long time.  Even though there is so much information supplied in this regard, some people still find some finer and simpler details in this regard.  

How old was Jesus when he died on the cross, what did he look like then what clothes did he wear and others have been some of the questions people have raised. With that in mind, therefore, the text below takes into account all these questions and tries to offer responses to them all.  One of the main topics that this article tries to address is the issue of the death of Jesus.  

The article looks into some of the less known facts about Jesus Christ including his age when he died and when he died altogether. At the end of this reading, you will have a much better understanding of exactly was the age of Jesus Christ when he died and when he died because you already know why.  

What Was The Value Age Of Jesus Christ When He Died? 

Normally when someone dies one of the questions that come up is when exactly this person did.  Was the person young, was he old at the prime of his age?  In the case of Jesus for instance, there has been interesting in finding out whether Jesus was young when he died, at the prime of his life, or old.  

By determining his age and trying to associate it with these stages in life it might be possible to tell exactly when he died and other things about him. For instance, you might be able to tell whether he died at a younger age, at the prime of his age, or old.  

When Was Jesus Christ Died? 

To be honest, there is no biblical verse or even book that talks about the exact age when Jesus died.  However, given the need to find out about this issue, many scholars have attempted to come up with estimations that appear to point out to when exactly his age as of this time.  

It has also not been possible to tell exactly what year was Jesus born which even makes it such a puzzle to tell more about this date. Many scholars have made attempts to prove when did Jesus die and have arrived at the age of 33 which falls right into the category of young.  

However, even with this age, there have been some questions raised over this age with some people questioning the means used to arrive at it.  In some other places, people are in agreement that this was the age when Jesus died or if not, then not so far from it.  

How Do You Determine Jesus’s Age?

There are no specific bible verses that outline the age when Jesus died.  However, the good thing is that there are some bible verses that point out the age when Jesus accomplished his mission in the world.  From these verses alone, there is already something that you can deduce which are so essential in the determination of this age.  

For instance, it is right to say that died after accomplishing his mission in this world. As such, it can be said that as far as the life of Jesus is concerned his age was timely. To understand his death and the age of it, you need to look at when Jesus started his mission and when he completed it.  

The faith expectations as of this time also were something else that could be used to talk much about this timing as well. The easiest way to tell when did Jesus die is by looking at when Jesus started his mission and when he finished his mission.  If you work out these calculations and do the deductions you will be able to tell exactly the age of Jesus when he died.  

When Was Jesus Born And When Did He Start His Mission?

The first and most important thing you need to consider in this quest is when exactly was Jesus born.  It is possible to find out about this age if you check the scriptures.  The birth of Jesus came at about four to zero BC.  If you wish to find out more about this you can check the book of Luke 3:23. If you read this book, you will establish that Jesus was about thirty years old when he started his ministry.  

Jesus Time In The Ministry 

Now that you know when Jesus started his ministerial work it is now important to look at when exactly his mission lasted.  The timing and life of Jesus’ mission are very crucial to find out more about his age as well.  According to the scriptures, Jesus’s mission lasted only three years and he was done with it.  

Now if you take that age and add it to the time when Jesus started his ministry you will arrive at the age of 33.  This is the most realistic approach one can use to determine the age of Jesus Christ as per the time of his death.  Given that there are no exact figures that talk about this age, the only means left to go about this process is by the use of estimations like the ones above.  From the estimations above you can also tell what year was Jesus born and then from that you can work out his mission and find out about his death.  


There are no verses in the Bible that talk about when did Jesus die. This, therefore, has made it hard for people to tell how old Jesus was when he died.  All that said and done, the text above looks into this issue and tries to bring you an estimation in terms of the years of this event. You can answer some of these questions by looking at how old the bible is.

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