Cocmelon – How Good Is It For Kids?


TV series of baby rhyme collections are too much entertaining when it comes to engaging children. There is a common characteristic among all kids’ rhymes and that is personified objects, animals, plants, etc. Not only these are funny to children but also they offer great messages for their overall cognitive psychological development. 

Cocmelon or Cocomeon Episodes is one such nursery rhyme compilation package highly popular among kids of 2-6 years of age. But is Cocmelon worth watching for kids? We will answer this question in the segment below: 

What Is Cocmelon?

What Is Cocmelon

Let’s kickstart our article with what Cocmelon actually is. Cocmelon or Cocomeon is an American streaming media show as well as YouTube Channel. The British entertainment company – Moonbug Entertainment owns this show. The former name of Cocmelon is Checkgate which lasted from 2006 to 2013. 

What does the show offer? It presents 3-dimensional videos of both original children’s songs and nursery rhymes. As per the Tv and entertainment industry, in 2021, it is the 2nd most viewed and popular channel in the globe. In addition, the Cocmelon or Cocomelon channel on YouTube receives the highest number of subscriptions among all the children’s channels. One amazing fact about Cocmelon is that it holds the position of 3nd most subscribed channel globally. 

What Is The Cocmelon Content About?

Just like its unique name, the content which Cocomelon episodes present to its target audiences are all extremely quirky. Since it focuses on mainly little kids and toddlers, the lead characters of the Cocmelon show are adults, animals, babies, funny objects, etc. The most special thing about it is that the non-living characters are also personified to enhance the viewers’ experiences. 

The lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen which makes it pretty easier for children and their parents. The channel has recently got listed on Hulu, Roku, and Netflix. As a result, its user base has augmented to a great extent. In addition, the YouTube channel of Cocomelon episodes consists of songs, live streams, music videos, video compilations, etc. The  

History Of The Origin Of Cocmelon

Origin Of Cocmelon

Do your little ones enjoy the Cocmelon show to their fullest. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best TV shows for kids on the planet. The number of subscribers on their YouTube Channel is proof of that. So wouldn’t you like to know about how this legendary TV show started its journey and how far it has come? We are sure you would love to learn this! 

Stage 1: CheckGate

Cocmelon was first launched in the name Checkgate on 1st September 2006. Its key motto was to provide target views free lessons and education. On the first day, the channel posted two alphabet songs of 1-2 minutes on YouTube Channel. 

Stage 2: ABC Kid TV

As CheckGate started flourishing, the channel rebranded its name to ABC Kid Tv in 2013. The logo presented a TV with a ladybug in the top left corner. Gradually, they started creating Nursery rhymes and longer-duration videos with 3D effects. Some of the noteworthy characters who arrived at this time were YoYo, TomTim, J.J, etc. 

Stage 3: Present Day Cocmelon

In Summer 2018, the company again renamed itself to its current name – Cocmelon. Furthermore, they included a new outro and intro to all of their videos. The logo on the TV was also changed to a watermelon-looking one. During the latter half of 2020, Cocmelon introduced content on Portuguese and Spanish languages, while in early 2021, Mandarin, Arabic, and German languages were added.  

Where Is Cocmelon Telecasted?

At present, Cocmelon shows are aired on an American paid televisions channel named Universal Kids. They also have a YouTube channel where fantastic pieces of content are uploaded. We have also mentioned earlier you will find the Cocomelon episodes on Netflix, Hulu TV, and Roku. This is an incredible step which Cocmelon team has adopted for irregular or busy parents. Recently, on 29th March 2021, Cocomelon premiered on SAB TV Pakistan. Also, on 4th April 2021, the Cartoonito channel in the UK had a premiere of the show.   

What More Do You Need To Know About Cocmelon?

Cocmelon has been entertaining children for more than a decade. Now that you know almost everything about the show, here are some more facts that you must not miss. Let’s take a look without any ado:

  • YouTube channel where amazing audio and video content release on a regular basis. The social media team are super active and do not get distracted from their business objective.
  • This children’s TV show company describes one crucial fact about their workforce you should not miss. You might get astonished to know that their team consists of only 20 employees. Cocmelon owners consider them as the core assets of the organization.
  •  Wall Street Journal once tried hard to detect and contact the team who is behind the Cocomelon Videos. They came to know that it was Treasure Studio who plays a vital role. But unfortunately, they were unable to contact them.
  • In 2020’s February, Bloomberg Businessweek recognized a couple from Orange country, California, as the joint owners of Cocomelon. 
  • The show acquired the name Cocmelon in 2018 after 2 times change – Checkgate (2006-2013) and ABC Kid TV (2013-2018).
  • The total number of views of Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes videos is 114 billion, while the total number of subscribers is 122 million. This is far more than the competitive rivals such as  
  • Feb 2020 was a crucial month for Cocmelon. The leaders of the company decided to bring toys in the market in the shape of the show’s characters. What they decided was the toys would include mainly toy vehicles and plush dolls.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. When Did Cocmelon Land In The Market?

The American TV show Cocmelon or Cocomelon originated in 2006. At that time, the name was CheckGate. In 2013, this name was changed to SBC Kid Tv, which again shifted to Cocomelon in 2018. 

Q2. Who Is Cocmelon Owner? 

The Cocmelon channel’s owner is not known to date. We have come to know that Moonbug Entertainment and Treasure Studio owns and maintains this famous TV show.

3. Is Cocomelon Best For Little Babies?

Cocomelon is not “Best,” it is “The Best” for the little children below 6 years of age. The show also has a large number of positive user reviews which implies its fame and influence among the audiences.

The Verdict – Is Cocmelon Worth Watching For Kids? 

That’s all about Cocmelon or Cocomelon TV show. After knowing everything about it, how do you think the show is performing? 

In a single sentence… it is doing GREAT!! Additionally, it is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. So to be very specific, Cocmelon is a fabulous TV show when it comes to toddlers. The content and ideas which it has brought impact Chidnre’s thought processes positively. 

Do you also make your child see Cocomelon? Do let us know whether he/she likes ut and what’s his/her viewpoint. 

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