Checklist For Your Ultimate Maternity Bag For The Hospital

Maternity Bag

This the time of excitement, Tis the time of anticipation!

Yes, we are talking about the third trimester when you are just counting the days that the tiny little life will jump out of your womb and be on your lap.

However, we all do wish it was as simple as that. That it was just a matter of jumping out. The delivery of your baby is a long process, and especially if you are a first-time mother, then you’re probably anxious.

Well, all we would say is with the right preparation, it will be a smooth delivery.

If you are confused about what to take and what not to, and at the same time, you wish to pack light, then you have reached the right place.

You do not have to browse anymore because, in this excerpt below, we will be talking about everything which is a must-have in your maternity bag.

Why You Need A Maternity Bag

Here are some of the common reasons why you will need to carry a maternity bag with you.

  • You do not know how long you have to be in the hospital. This doesn’t always mean that the condition is sensitive. Sometimes doctors just keep mothers and their babies for a longer time for better observation. That is when you will need the bag.
  • You might take some of the baby items and learn from the professionals how to use them. For example, how to swaddle your baby or get her into a onesie. You can try out some of the chris farly baby onesies.
  • Even as someone in the hospital, you might need a change of clothes or a throw blanket to feel more comfortable. If your partner is staying alone, they might need a change of clothes as well.

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Things That Are A Must Have

carry maternity bag

Here are things that are a must-have in your maternity bag. Later you can simply use this checklist as a reminder before packing your bag.

1. Your identification is the first thing, and you must always carry it whenever you are admitted to a hospital.

2. Small amount of cash. Cashless payments are okay, but there might come a situation where you just need cash.

3. Personal clothes and gowns. After the delivery and being in the hospital for quite some time, you can change to a different hospital gown or clothes.

4. Personal socks or slippers are also allowed if you do not wish to use the hospital one.

5. Medicine list or some daily medicine, if the mother absolutely needs to take them. It might be a little difficult to convey to the staff to get medicines when the mother is in labor.

6. Books or magazines for the wait time, you might not immediately go into labor once your water breaks.

7. Try to avoid screen time, and do things that are more relaxing and won’t get you too excited. You can make a playlist of meditation music to help you ease the anxiety.

8. Some toiletries like the travel size toothpaste, hand soap, and other essentials which you need on a daily basis.

9. Underwear because that is something you would want to change every day. Especially after a normal delivery.

10. Do not use tampons after delivery, so bring pads along with you.

11. Once you start nursing your newborn, you will need nursing bras to give your better breast support. While you are at it, get some soothing nipple cream because they are going to get sore soon.

12. Burping clothes and extra pairs of clothing for your little one. Yes, they dirty themselves a lot at that age.

13. A compression wrap for your belly would be a smart choice to give your belly that extra support.

14. You need to bring snacking items because the hospital will only provide you with meals. Have food items that are high in fiber.

15. This is optional, but you can get your own pillow and light comforter if you have any specifications.

To Wrap It Up!

The maternity bag shouldn’t just have items for your baby, but the mother should also be comfortable. Some postpartum stays can continue for a week, even if there is a slight complication. The mother needs items to take care of themselves during the nursing and postpartum healing time.

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