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longest hair in the world

Long hair is the dream of every woman in the world. Okay, Cool; I agree that not every but most of the women out there have a craving for long, shiny, and healthy hair. However, not all the women become as lucky as Rapunzel was but few are there who are blessed with naturally strong, long, and healthy hair.

In this blog, we will be mentioning the names of 10 legendary personalities across the world who managed to secure the title Longest Hair In The World. The best part is there are not only females here but also males who have Guinness world record longest hair.

So stay tuned with us and read the guide till the end to meet some incredible ‘ hairy ’ personalities.

Who Are The Top 10 Longest Hair In The World Record Holders?

Hair is a sign of attractiveness, particularly for women. Long hair is associated with good fortune, love, and longevity in several cultures. Human hair grows 6 inches every year on average, so growing your desired waist-length hair would take five years. But here are some super lucky men and women who have managed to make their hair so long that they are now on the Guinness World Records list. 

I suppose you’re curious about who has the longest hair in the world. Check out the list below:

1. Asha Mandela – Hair Length 5.9 m

Since 2008, Asha has held the world record for the longest dreadlocks. Mandela began growing her hair in her late twenties after she relocated from Trinidad-Tobago to New York and desired a more natural look. Her dreadlocks are 5.9 meters in length, or 19 feet 6 inches which started causing problems in her spine. Did you know to keep her hair from trailing on the floor, she frequently carries it in a handbag?

2. Xie Qiuping – Hair Length 5.62 m

As of 2021, Xie Qiuping of China holds the Guinness World Record longest hair title. Moreover, Xie possesses the world’s straightest hair alongside the longest hair in the world. Her hair measures 5.62 meters (18 feet 5 inches) in length. Since her 13th year, she started growing her hair and spent a lot of time and energy getting the tallest hair in the world. Did you know Xie’s hair is almost as long as an adult giraffe’s height!?

3. Dai Yue Qin – Hair Length 4.2 m

Dai Yue Qin, AKA Miss Dyuq, is also regarded as the Rapunzel Longest Hair In The World or empress of long hair. Having the straightest hair in the world, she started this journey at the very tender age of 14. Her hair is 4.2 m long, and it takes 1-2 hours to comb in and remove the tangles thoroughly. 

4. Ni Linmei – Hair Length 3.6 m

Nil had forgotten haircuts since 2008, and now her hair is3.58 meters long. She occupies an important place in the longest hair in the world in 2020 by following an ultimate hair care routine. Did you know she washes and dries her hair for two hours every day?

5. Nilanshi Patel – Hair Length 2m

NilNilanshi Patel’s six feet in length hair has made her earn the current “ longest hair in the world as a Teenager ” title. This Indian Rapunzel had a poor haircut ten years ago, which led her to declare that she would no again have haircuts sadly. Since then, she’s been growing her hair! Did you know her hair is a lucky charm to her?

6. Keito Kawahara – Hair Length 1.54 m

Keito learned about Guinness World Record Longest Hair on a Teenager when she was only 17 years old. At that time, her hair was longer than the mentioned benchmark. She’d never intended to break the world record, but she accomplished it just four months after the previous one was set. This longest hair in the world record holder makes braids before bed every night to manage the uncontrollable tangles. 

7. Pelin Ozdemir – Hair Length 1.52 m

12-year old Pelin had almost made it to the Guinness world record longest hair for children. However, the concerned authorities of Guinness World Records rejected her application due to age issues. Still, she is competing against all the longest hair across the globe award holders. Did you know Pelin’s nickname is ‘ Pelin Rapunzel,’ which actually made her known as Rapunzel Longest Hair In The World?  

8. Kahuziro Watanabe – Hair Length 1.23 m

Finally, here is a male who has the longest hair in the world. Kahuziro is a Japanese fashion designer who spent 15 years of his life growing a Mohawk spike. This 1.23 m spike is known as the world’s tallest hair spike. Did you know it takes three cans of hairspray and a full jar of jell to make the Mohawk? 

9. Jiang Aixiu  Hair Length 11 ft, 9 inches

Jiang’s hair grows at an exceptionally high pace of 7.8 inches per year. She is one of the members of the longest hair in the world 2020 club without getting any cut since 1990. Also, washing it all takes her around two hours. She does not use any special hair products or follow a unique diet to get such rapid hair growth. Did you know Jiang washes one section of her hair at a time?

10. Swami Pandarasannadhi

He is the head of the Tirudaduturai Monastery located at Tanjore province, Madras, India. In 1949, he was reportedly having a hair of 26ft or 7.93 meters in length. He was one among the top 5 Guinness world record longest hair master-list. His photographs depict that the person was suffering from Plica Caudiformis and had the biggest hair knot in the world. However, this legend is no more alive now. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Who Has The Longest Hair In The World 2020?

Ans: The Guinness world record longest hair in the world 2020 title goes to Nilanshi Patel. Born in Modasa, Gujarat, she won this Guinness World Record title in July 2020. This was a night before her 18th birthday. The hair length during that time was exactly 200 centimeters. 

Q2. Who Has The World’s Thickest Hair?

Ans: The strand of thickest hair in the world was actually taken from the beard of Muhammad Umair Khan. He is from Lahore, Pakistan and the strand is actually 772 micrometers thick which equals 0.03 inches. This is according to the recent statistics of 3rd March 2021.    

Q3. Who Has The Healthiest Hair In The World?

Ans: According to the World’s best hair records, Asian hair, especially Indian hair, is the best of all the other ethnic groups. Indian hairs have less comparatively lesser issues of hair-splitting and breakage than many other groups. 

Q4. What Race Has The Thinnest Hair?

Ans: Caucasian people have the thinnest hair than any other race. In most cases, their hair is straight or slightly wavy, and the cross-section is elliptic.  

Q5. Who Has The Fastest Growing Hair?

Ans: According to 2005’s research findings of the International Journal of Dermatology, Asian hair is the fastest growing hair type. On the contrary, African hair grows the slowest. 

The Closing Thoughts

Are you also wondering how to join this Guinness world record longest hair team? You, too, can earn the title of longest hair in the world. The only things you need are determination, patience, perseverance, and hard work. There are several other titles also like curliest hair in the world or biggest hair knot in the world. You can try these out, too, if that fits your hair. 

Do let us know if you know any person with long hair as well as their story. We would be overwhelmed to get responses from you.

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