What Is Movies7.to? Is It Legit?

What Is Movies7.to Is It Legit

That’s right. You can watch any movie or TV series from the catalog of Movies7.to for free. You don’t have to pay for anything, and you don’t have ads on this website. So how much of this is safe and legit?

Therefore, if you want to know whether this website is legit or not, continue reading this article. Here, I have explained various things about this website, like how safe and left it is. Additionally, I have also found out what some of the best alternatives for this website are.

What is Movies7.to?

What is Movies7.to

Movies7.to is a streaming website similar to giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. However, this site allows you to see various series and movies that are not available on any of these streaming platforms.

The content library of this website is pretty big. So you will definitely get things that you would want to watch from here. The best thing is that they will be from various genres, from comedy to action and more. 

Is Movies7.to Safe?

Is Movies7.to Safe

To know whether Movies7.to is safe, I started using this website a week before writing this safety report. 

When I entered this website, the first thing that struck me the most was the UI. It’s designed well, with responsiveness in mind. In addition, the fonts and the colors used seemed perfect for a website in this category. 

However, the presence of astronomical amounts of adware is what raised my suspicion about this website. Whenever I clicked on a link to watch a movie or a series, I would get automatically redirected. This opened a new tab that opened a very intrusive ad. In addition, the ads are mostly pornographic in nature, which made the situation even fishier.

The pages these ads led to are phishing websites responsible for placing various trackers and data miners in your system. This is because the instant I clicked on a link that showed me an ad, my antivirus lit up. It instantly notified me that the sites I was entering had trackers and conducted phishing attacks. This was my first red flag towards Movies7.to.

After I closed the tabs these ads were on, and I resumed watching what I wanted to watch. However, clicking on any link will most definitely redirect to an ad on a new tab.

Movies7.to Reviews

Various websites host user reviews about various websites and apps. The reviews are hosted to inform users about the safety of using various “shady” websites.  I visited two such websites to check Movies7.to reviews – Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

However, mysteriously (maybe), Movies7.to had no reviews left by users on these sites. So it’s possible that no users of these sites cared to leave a review. This can be true since this website is not very old. It was first launched in 2020 when everyone was locked up in their rooms. 

Since there are fewer reviews available, I would still say this website is unreliable. Clicking on its links can cause many ads to pop up, which contain various forms of malware and adware.

Best Movies7.to Alternatives

Some of the best Movies7.to alternative websites that you can visit to watch free movies and TV series online are:

1. F2Movies


F2movies is another popular movie and series streaming website. You can enter this website to watch hundreds of series and movies for free! No need to register and pay subscription fees to watch! Here, you can watch all shows at 1080p HD quality.

This website has a big library of shows for you to enjoy. No matter your mood, you will always find something here. So be in a depressive mood or for some fun; you can find what you are looking for here at F2Movies, for free!

2. Soap2day


Suppose you want something similar in line with Movies7.to app, then you can try out Soap2Day. However, if you’re more interested in watching TV soaps and sitcoms, then this is the website you need to visit. You can watch many great shows for free, with no hidden costs! Additionally, you don’t need to create an account here! Simply click to watch!

However, piracy is still illegal in most parts of the world. This is why the developers took down the official Soap2Day website a year ago. Therefore, you must search on Google for its proxy site and watch your soap serials from there.

3. PopcornFlix


If you want a free movie-watching site with its own mobile app, then PopcornFlix is exactly what you need. Using its app, you can even directly download all the shows that you want so that you can watch them later on.

However, my only complaint is the UI of the website and the app. I need help filtering and sorting which shows I want to watch properly. Instead, there is simply an alphabetical list to scroll through and a search bar at the top. Add more filters and sorting options, and this will become a better site.

4. MyFlixer


If you want a free movie and series streaming site, MyFlixer is one of the best there is. This pretty old website has been around for years, with more than thousands of titles to watch.

This website’s UI is very similar to Netflix’s (hence the name MyFlixer). Therefore, I was surprised to see such a good UI on a free website like this!

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions):-

Movie buffs have asked various questions related to websites like Movies7.to. The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. What Are Some Movies7.to Proxies?

Ans: Since it’s an illegal pirated content site. Movies7.to has been taken down by the authorities multiple times. However, it has always come back in the form of several proxy sites like MoviesSeven.com.

Q2. Is Movies7.to Free?

Ans: You can watch all the films and TV series on Movies7.to for free! You do not need to pay a single buck for anything you see on the site!

Q3. Is Movies7.to Illegal?

Ans: Yes, Movies7.to is an illegal website. This is because it hosts various copyrighted movies and TV series for free – which is an unlawful act of piracy.

Q4. Why Is Movies7.To Not Working?

Ans: There can be various reasons why Movies7.to might need to be fixed. The reason can be:
The server is down.
Your internet connection has problems.
Your ISP blocks the website.

Final Verdict: Is Movies7.to Legit?

No, Movies7.to is not at all a legit website to watch movies or TV series.

The website hosts movies and TV shows to watch for free, which is piracy. In addition, it shows an ad every time you click on something. This significantly increases your risk for getting hit by various adware and malware. Therefore, I definitely will not recommend this website to anyone.

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