30 Best Ideas For Ribs Tattoo Women Should Try To Have

Best Ideas For Ribs Tattoo Women Should Try To Have

Are you searching for ideas related to ribs tattoo women? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

While a lot of people think that getting tattooed is a crime or a symbol of being antisocial, tattoos are a form of art. And that is the reason why, even though it is looked down upon as a taboo in most parts of the world, there is an increasing number of people who are becoming interested in getting a tattoo.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about women rib tattoo ideas…

Best Ideas On Ribs Tattoo Women Should Try!

If you were searching for the best ideas for ribs tattoo women should try? If the answer is yes, then your search has come to its destination. I have got you covered!

Here are some of the most fascinating rib tattoos that women must try:

Minimal Ribs Tattoo Women

1. Butterfly


A butterfly tattoo is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most delicate ribs tattoo women could have. It is simple, cute, and classy— all at the same time!

2. Stars


It is time for you to twinkle and feel at peace! And what better way to do it that to get tattoos on the side with small or big stars? You got the hint!

3. Small Wave

Small wave

Searching for some female delicate rib tattoos? If yes, then you might want to get a small wave inked on your ribs. Of course, the place where you want a tattoo depends on you— it can be your back, under your boobs, or just right at the center.

4. Date


Do you have a date that you want to remember? If yes, then why not get it tattooed? It can be the birthday of someone you love, or it can be the date of an important event in your life. Whatever it is, get it inked!

5. Crescent Moon

Crescent moon

The moon is a beautiful thing in the night sky. It can be a simple of brightness, as well as the symbol of peace and calm. But no matter what, it is always a great one to get this in the form of a tattoo.

6. Flight Of Birds

Flight of birds

A flight of birds is symbolic of a lot of things— freedom, aspiration, and dreams! So, if you think that you want to keep it to a minimum, then it is a great way to get a few birds tattooed while they are spreading their wings and soaring high!

7. Your Lucky Number

Your lucky number

Everyone has a lucky number. And that is the reason why you might want to get your one tattooed on your body. But, of course, the font and the style of your lucky number might be different and as per your choice!

8. The Eye

The eye

The eyes— they never lie! Well, yeah, that is a line that we all have heard from the same source, of course. Now you do not have to be Chico, but you can always get to choose and have the tattoo of the eye done on your ribs!

9. The Pole Star

The pole star

The pole star is something that gives you direction. So if you are someone who wants to get the idea of a sense of direction in life tattooed in your body, then this one is a great option!

10. Zodiac Sign

Zodiac sign

There is nothing better that you can do other than getting your zodiac sign tattooed on your ribs. This one is easy and trendy, and yes— something that will never go out of style!

Floral Ribs Tattoo Women

11. Fine Line Lily

Fine line lily

What is your favorite flower? Is it a lily? If yes, then get it tattooed but in a fine line drawing.

12. Bouquet


Who said that too many flowers are a bad thing? No one ever! So get a bouquet of flowers or a bride’s bouquet rib tattoo to get all dainty!

13. Dandelion


If there is one song that we all have loved to listen to, then it is the song by Ruth. You do not need a field of Dandelions to make yourself look pretty. Get a tattoo instead!

14. Just A Rose

Just a rose

Hey, want to keep things simple? If yes, then the best thing that you can do is get the image of a rise tattooed on your ribs. It is one of the most popular and the most dainty options for unique small rib tattoos for women.

15. Daisy


Hey, do you want to feel cute? Iof yes, then it is best that you get a daisy on your chest! Or on your robs— the pace so for you to decide. This rob tattoo does not take a lot of time to get done and is also a very pretty one to look at.

16. Lavender Flower Tattoo

Lavender flower tattoo

There are many flowers that can be your favorite, but let me tell you this— if there is one flower whose name can make you feel like you are at peace, then it has to be lavender. The lavender rib tattoo can be colorless or in lavender color— that is up to you.

17. Your Birth Flower

Your birth flower

So, if you did not know, there is something called the birth flower, and it denotes the several character traits of you. Depending on the month of your birth, your birth flower and change. So, for example, if you are born in March, your birth flower is a daffodil. If you are born in June, your birth flower is a rose.

18. Thyme


There are many culinary herbs that are great when it comes to getting them tattooed. And trust me when I say this, you NEED to get them tattooed on your chest. They are simple, not painful at all, and ageless.

19. A Sunflower

A sunflower

Nothing can look brighter than a bright yellow sunflower. So just have them on your ribs and feel like one. Also, just a suggestion— when you get a sunflower tattoo— it is best to get a colored one.

20. A Pink Rose

A pink rose

Well, yeah. That is it. Just a pink rose. A very bright pink rose. That is all you need to grab the attention of someone.

Quotes Ribs Tattoo Women

21. A Line From Your Favorite Poem

A Line From Your Favorite Poem

Do you like poems? Is there a favorite one? Do you want to remember a line from the poem of your choice forever? If yes, then get that tattooed on our rib— simple!

22. A Quote That You Want To Remember

A Quote That You Want To Remember

There are several quotes— motivational, inspirational, and emotional. Choose the one that you want or like, and then get yourself a rib tattoo so that this quote can always stay on your mind.

23. Love Yourself

Love Yourself

One thing that you should always remember is to love yourself to the fullest. And that’s the reason you need to get a love yourself themed tattoo.

24. A Line From A Song

A Line From A Song

There are many songs in the world that are being released almost every day. If you have a favorite one, then you might want to get the lyrics of the song tattooed on your rib.

25. Faith


Want to keep it simple yet classy? If that is a yes, then you can try out the best tattoo words that are popular at the moment. So have faith and get the word tattooed.

26. Still I Rise

Still I rise

Want something that will remind you that you are worth everything and that you are a fighter every day? Get a Still I rise script tattooed on your ribs!

27. Some Hidden Messages

Some Hidden Message

There is nothing in this world that can look mysterious, like a language that you do not know, and that is exactly why you should try to get yourself a tattoo whose meaning only you know.

28. French Sayings

French Sayings

French is one of the most beautiful and the softest languages that you can have on your body. And that is the reason why there are many women who like to have something in French tattooed on their ribs.

29. No Rain, No Flower

No Rain No Flower

If you were looking for a tattoo with a strong message, then this is the one that you should go for. No rain, no flowers would mean that you will have to go through all the sad times to experience the happy moment.

30. One Word

One Word

If you want to go for words and quotes, but at the same time, keep it minimal, then you might try a one word tattoo. Choose a word that best defines you or something that you want to achieve.

Bottom Line: Ink It Right!

If there is one thing that most people like to have then it is undoubtedly a great personality. And it won’t be very wrong to say that nowadays how people would want to show their personalities depends entirely on them. Tattoo is one of the ways in which people like to express themselves and make people understand who they are.

In case you were searching for ribs tattoos women should try to get, then I hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.


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